1. Just to update, someone from Bristol Waste came to litter pick in Stevens Crescent today – so that took only 4 days from the request. I have also asked Bristol Waste for a rota for street cleaning in Totterdown. TRESA will be inviting someone from Bristol Waste to come to one of our public meetings, so do come along and we can discuss ways we can work together to help keep Totterdown clean.

  2. Has anyone had any luck using this service? I’ve left 3 or 4 requests on it in the past and never had a response

    1. I’ve had success reporting fly tipping. It usually gets cleared within a day.
      It’s also been good for reporting overflowing bins.
      General street cleaning is hit and miss – sometimes it gets done, often it doesn’t.
      However the council records the number of website comments as a gauge of overall cleaning – more comments/complaints suggests that Bristol Waste are being sloppy.

      1. I reported Stevens Crescent, Totterdown, yesterday as I have not seen anyone from Bristol Waste cleaning up litter in our street for a very long time. I’ll let you know if I have any success! I think it would be a good idea to ask Bristol Waste about the rota for street cleaning in our area, as there is supposed to be one.

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