Engine Shed 2 development approved at Temple Meads

The proposed Engine Shed 2 development at Temple Meads has been approved by Bristol City Council planning committee. The proposal prompted objections from the Victorian Society and Historic England who argued more of the Victorian heritage should be retained at the site – in particular, the listed George and Railway Hotel and locally listed Grosvenor Hotel.

These concerns were shared by the Bristol City Council officer in a report to the planning committee which concluded: “The redevelopment of the Grade II listed George and Railway Hotel, given the limited level  of retention of historic fabric proposed, would result in significant harm to the heritage asset. The application fails to present clear and convincing information to indicate that alternative less harmful approaches, to address the structural condition of the building, are not possible, or that the benefits of the scheme outweigh the level of harm. As such, the proposal is considered to be contrary to policy BCS22 of the Bristol Core Strategy, 2011, policy DM31 of the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies, 2014, and the National Planning Policy Framework.”

A computer-generated image of plans for Engine Shed 2.

Engine Shed is a collaboration between Bristol City Council, the University of Bristol and the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership. Its aim is to support the development of young start-up companies.