1. Sorry I couldn’t make gardening club. I tried to find other people to go along but it seems no one could make it and I am away this week.
    We are planning a big plant up for March gardening club so hope to see to then. Enjoy the crocuses which are beginning to show through.

  2. Enjoyed planting some of the shooting bulbs at my first Gardening Club in December, unfortunately missed January and just enjoyed rubbish clearing and weeding in sunshine from 11.45 but nobody else there.

    Is it 11.30 as above or 11.45 as Upcoming Events from March onwards?

    I need to organise work around it so if you could let me know, that would be great!

    1. Hi Erika,

      Sorry you were on your own. We planned to have a few people but got some last minute cancellations 🙁
      Anne will be back around for the March event.

      Thanks for the work you did – it all makes a difference.

      1. Pleasure and no worries being on my own. I just wondered if I missed people at 11.30 as I got there 11.45.

        Please confirm if March is 11.30 or 11.45 so I can arrange work around it.

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