Gardening Club plants herbs

The brick bed in Oxford Street square has now been planted up with a variety of plants and herbs. There is a medicinal herbal theme to the planting and we will soon see many native herbs such as Yarrow [Achellea], Foxglove [Digitalis], Camomile, Angelica, Thyme, Marjoram and Lemon balm sprouting forth. The strawberries and some of the spinach have been left in place and we have scattered a few nasturtium seeds so watch this space!

Photo of herbs planted in raised bed

Any help with weeding, watering and general removal of litter would be much appreciated.

Thanks to Simon, Steve, Erica, Tom, Julian and Anne for the planting, thanks to Riverside Garden Centre for donating some of the plants and the Banana Boat for helping with watering.


  1. I am so glad that this has developed so well.
    Please do tell me if you need any help, I have some gardening experience and have lived in totterdown for less then a year and would love to join in.

    1. HI Charlotte
      Our next gardening club will be at 11.45am on 10th April and if you are free you would be very welcome to join us or if you are not available then have a look at the website for some of our other gardening activities.
      Look forward to meeting you

    2. Hi Charlotte,

      We also have a community orchard on Park Street.
      This is open for anyone so feel free to have a look and get involved if the Gardening club times don’t quite suit.


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