Have your say on libraries, public toilets, school crossing patrols, Neighbourhood Partnerships and disabled adults services

Bristol City Council is launching five consultations which reveal detailed proposals for how the Council could deliver certain local services with a reduced budget.

Libraries, public toilets, school crossing patrols, Neighbourhood Partnerships and Bristol Community Links are all covered in the proposals. The ‘Your Neighbourhood’ consultations ask people to comment on as many of these proposals as possible. It includes an interactive map to help people judge and comment on the combined effects of the different options they can choose from.

The proposals include reducing the number of city libraries to 10; closing street toilets and investing in a new community toilet scheme to expand availability; removing around half of the city’s school crossing patrols (unless community, school or volunteer led options emerge); changing the current Neighbourhood Partnership model to a local grant system with less frequent community meetings; and making detailed changes to the way a suite of services for adults with learning disabilities and dementia operate. Together the savings amount to just over £4.7m.

We have no choice but to make major cuts following years of government austerity and the rising cost of providing vital services to more people. At the same time we want to deliver on our priorities and make Bristol a more equal city where no-one is left behind and where there is less of a need to rely on the council doing everything it once did. To do that we will work more closely with partners around the city to tackle Bristol’s biggest issues and enable more people to get involved in providing services.

The country is facing unprecedented cuts to public services as the Tory government continues to pursue austerity. This is directly impacting on us in Bristol as we have less money to deliver the services the city

The consultations launch at 2pm today and conclude on Tuesday 5 September. During this time I would urge you to play your part in informing your community, gathering feedback and taking part in a series of community events, details of which will be announced shortly. We are asking residents and our city partners about how we make specific savings for services and if you have ideas, we welcome them.

Visit www.bristol.gov.uk/yourneighbourhood to take part.

For alternative formats or consultation queries: consultation@bristol.gov.uk or 0117 922 2848.

We’ll be taking account of all the feedback we receive. We want to hear your ideas and solutions.

Best wishes,

Marvin Rees

Mayor of Bristol