Healthy Streets Toolkit

The Healthy Streets Toolkit has been developed by Transport for London (TFL) to help put the Healthy Streets Approach into practice. Consisting of three resources, the toolkit covers the whole process from initial assessment, through implementation, to evaluation:

1)  Guide to Healthy Streets Indicators is the first tool to use in any Healthy Streets assessment. It uses questions as prompts for each of the 10 Healthy Streets Indicators to help you think about the issues that affect the experience of using a street and spending time there. This will help you consider what changes could be made to improve the experience.

2)   Healthy Streets Check for Designers is a tool to assess a proposed scheme or existing street against the 10 Healthy Streets Indicators. The Healthy Streets Check for Designers is a spreadsheet tool to support designers.  You can use results from the Healthy Streets Check to show how changes to the way streets are laid out and used will result in improvements.

3)  Small Change, Big Impact is a practical guide to delivering temporary, light touch and low-cost projects to change the way a street looks and feels.

While the toolkit uses London as an example, this guide is applicable to any town or city wanting to assess, implement and evaluate their Healthy Streets Approach. A Healthy Streets Approach puts people, and their health, at the heart of decision making. This results in a healthier, more inclusive town/city where people choose to walk, cycle and use public transport.