How age-friendly is Bristol – and Totterdown?

Bristol Ageing Better report on Age-friendly Bristol

How Age-friendly is Bristol currently? 

To join the WHO Network for Age-friendly Communities, Bristol had to submit a base line assessment on how Age-friendly Bristol is.

This assessment considered all of the Age-friendly domains, the potential barriers they presented with examples from organisations with good Age-friendly practice. For example, a barrier to respect and social inclusion is a belief that people from different backgrounds can’t get along. However, ‘Rocking the Boat’ are an example of older people and younger people working together,sharking skills and knowledge.

Read the baseline assessment 

How we will become more Age-friendly

Joining the Network is not the end of our journey, but the beginning of Bristol’s commitment to making Bristol truly age friendly. Therefore, Bristol has written an Age-friendly Strategy on how this will be achieved.

The strategy evaluates key actions for each domain. For example, when considering  respect and social inclusion,  Bristol has committed to facilitating opportunities for older people to connect with their neighbours and feel included in their community. Bristol will also challenge portrayals of older people in marketing and local media to encourage unbiased representations.

Read the strategy