International Walk to School Month

Make streets safer for children and we all benefit.

Parents tell us that the worst things about the school run are cars, cars and more cars. This International Walk to School Month we need to urge our local councils to do something about it.

There’s a range of ways local authorities can make our streets safer for walking to school by reducing congestion and putting pupils and their families first.

Whether you have children or not, as International Walk to School Month begins, why not urge your council to make the roads around your local school less congested, less polluted and safer?

Email your local councillors using our simple online action to push for policies to make children safer on their way to and from school.



Our online action allows you to highlight a local school and focus on the solutions that are most suitable for streets where you live, be they:

School Road Closures – closing streets to cars outside schools at the start and end of the school day.

Controlled Parking Zones – prohibiting parking on streets around a school.

20mph Speed Limits – lowering speeds around a school.

Write to your local councillors now and urge them to take action where you live.

Best wishes,

Aisha Hannibal
Living Streets