Is Totterdown transport age friendly?

Sustainable transport modes, including walking and public transport, are very important to older people, especially perhaps as they get older still.    Since November 2018 the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised Bristol as an ‘Age-Friendly City’, i.e. trying to become more age-friendly. Medical Services, Housing and Participation are included in WHO’s ‘Age-Friendly’ domains, as is Transport. Apart from free bus passes, transport in Bristol is sometimes very unfriendly to older people.   

Bristol Ageing Better has recently launched the ‘Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods’ phase of the project as the age-friendly/hostile issues of one neighbourhood will often be different from others.

It would be good to have your views on the following questions. And, of course, you can also ask questions of your own….

1. Is Totterdown served by bus routes that are reliable and frequent? Are there any specific issues for older people who use the buses?

2. How easy is it to walk around Totterdown? Are there places where the footways are cluttered by overhanging hedges, abandoned recycling bins and parked cars, so that walking is difficult especially for those with poor eyesight or balance or who use a wheelchair?

3. How many residents of Totterdown, aged 55 plus, cycle regularly? What are the barriers to cycling for older people?  What can be/is being done?

4. Which are the most and least accessible railway stations for people who live in Totterdown? 

5. What are the issues for older residents of Totterdown who drive?


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