Map for cyclists to report accidents and near misses

A map is available to help cyclists report incidents and near-misses. The map is available on the Collideoscope website. To use the map, enter a postcode and click on the spot where the incident occurred. The incidents are logged and passed to the council’s highways department and campaign groups. For  example, a cyclist has reported that under the railway bridge on St Luke’s Road a driver tried to squeeze past and clipped their bag, and several accidents have been reported on the Wells Road, Totterdown.

The map also includes annual data from the Department of Transport on incidents in which people were injured or died. To access this information, tick the box ‘Show reports from the Department of Transport.



  1. Can we please have a map for pedestrians to report cases of speedy, careless, arrogant people who ride bikes not only on the road but worse still on the PAVEMENT.
    I have had so many near misses walking from Bushy Park, towards Temple Meads and onto Victoria Street. The same person going the same way but by then too far ahead so they do not care! On one occasion crossing on the lights by the Fowlers store the buttons were nearly shaved off my coat, another by back pack was pushed side ways, on the PAVEMENT outside of the Peugeot show room and same place, a full frontal near collision by some speedo riding around from York Rd on the PAVEMENT and I was told ‘looK where you are going’. Ahem I am the pedestrian

      1. Not sure if you mean that TRESA won’t reply or some other body.
        This map is not a TRESA product, we are just raising awareness of its existence.
        We support cycling and believe it is a sustainable and appropriate means of transport for inner cities. We believe things that make cycling safer are generally a good thing.

        We clearly don’t like to hear of people being inconsiderate and if anyone knows of a similar mapping scheme for flagging problems affecting pedestrians, then let us know and we will happily promote it. There was a similar scheme a year ago called “Bristol Bug Bears” that we advertised – I think this is now closed but others may know of new sites collating this information.

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