Mayoral election pledges – Mary Page, Liberal Democrat

As we head towards our Mayoral hustings on 18th March, TRESA is reproducing the pledges made by candidates. Mary Page is standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate. Below are pledges made at the launch of her manifesto.


At the moment the Council runs the wrong way round, our leaders are forgetting that we’re in the services sector and that the customer is always right! So how about we look at limiting politicians speeches to just a minute at a time and give more time to the public forums at Council and Cabinet?

If  you want a Mayor who will show true leadership, to get stuff done by action not words, then pick me.

Here are the six main areas to change:

  1. Create a council that takes pride in giving all a fair share.
  2. Sort our terrible transport using franchising for better bus fares.
  3. Improve our environment, protect trees and parks, and clean up our air.
  4. Prioritise Special Educational Needs and Disabilities funding, and support Adult Social Care.
  5. Provide homes not just houses, help the homeless & disadvantaged with appropriate welfare.
  6. Stop financial waste, and give Bristol the choice to Scrap the Mayor.

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