Mayoral election pledges – Sandy Hore-Ruthven, Green

As we head towards our Mayoral hustings on 18th March, TRESA is reproducing the pledges made by candidates. Sandy Hore-Ruthven is standing as the Green candidate. Below are pledges made in an article on his website.



I have a vision for a better Bristol. A vision for a city where you can get from A to B easily; a city where you can breathe clean air; a city where there are jobs and opportunities for our young people;  a city that takes the climate crisis seriously and acts now to protect citizens in the future.


I will take bold action in Bristol to improve life and the environment for everyone.

Getting Bristol moving

Bristol’s traffic chaos has to end. Under my leadership, Greens will prioritise our transport system.

I will use the roads and transport budget to invest in better, cheaper and new bus routes, dedicated cycle lanes and improved walking routes. By charging those from outside of Bristol to enter the city centre, we will raise £6.5m a year to invest in better and greener transport that benefits everyone.

A fairer city

13,000 people are on the council waiting list and many more in vulnerable homes. 1000 children were in B and B accommodation over Christmas.

This is NOT acceptable in 21st Century Bristol – and whilst we can blame national government policy, universal credit right to buy, lack of investment, funding cuts – we must do everything we can.

I went out feeding the homeless a few weeks ago with the Feed the Homeless team.  Everyone I spoke to asked for one simple thing on that old January night A warm place to call home.

If you elect me as Mayor I promise you I will build 2,000 new council homes.

A greener city

Far too many are living in temporary and expensive accommodation while they wait for a home, and thousands more of us are paying over the odds to heat poorly insulated properties. Leaky buildings waste energy and create carbon emissions.

I will make all our 27,000 council homes low carbon by retrofitting insulation and energy-efficient systems, reducing our emissions from council housing by 75%.

By leading the way in insulating council properties and investing in energy-efficient heating systems we will ensure Bristol can meet its 2030 carbon neutral target.