2018-11-21 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA public meeting, 7.30pm 21st November 2018, Totterdown Canteen

1 – Opening

a. Apologies
Present: Geoff Allan (Chair), Suzanne Audrey, Simon Hobeck, Claire Radford, Katherine Jacob,
Sue Wilde, Mike Wilde, Michelle Clare-Hudson, Linn Waite, Julian Noble, Anne
Silber, Graham Coburn (speaker), Ivana Svabic, Andrew Brown, Cllr Jon Wellington,
Carolyn Jones (CJ)
Apologies: Nick Walters

b. Previous minutes
The appendix will indicate that TRESA will progress a change of ownership of Zone A following
clarification and agreement of the costs involved. The minutes will then be finalised by Geoff and CJ.
Action: GA, CJ


2. Guest Speaker : Graham Coburn on Plastic Pollution

Geoff welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the speaker, Graham Coburn, who talked
about the problem of plastic pollution and his experience of living without purchasing any plastic for
a year. This promoted discussion about ways in which TRESA might help to address the issue locally
including: an article in the Talk of Totterdown (Graham to liaise with CJ); support for shops and
businesses in Totterdown that are reducing plastic use, and; a survey of other businesses who might
consider reducing single-use plastic. This to be an agenda item at a future meeting.
Action: CJ and GC, All

The presentation and discussion ended at 8.45pm to enable the remainder of the agenda was


3. Directors Business

a. Membership secretary’s report
Anne reported that there are currently 101 members and 14 friends.

b. Treasurers report
The balance is currently £11,705. Most of this is ringfenced, but there are some general funds
available following an insurance claim.

c. Company secretary’s report
The accounts have already been filed and Claire has been registered as a new director.

d. Web editor’s report
The website is generally working well although there was a recent outage which has raised the issue
of whether an alternative host might need to be found. Simon will continue to monitor this, and
back up the TRESA website on a regular basis.
Action: SH

e. Talk of Totterdown
The latest issue is being distributed. CJ will send Simon (Treasurer) the spreadsheet of invoices.
Michelle asked for the delivery routes and delivery people to be clarified at the next meeting.
Action: CJ, SH, MC-H


4. Projects

a. Totterdown Sprouting
Anne met with Chris Wallace of Bristol Tree Forum to discuss the tree audit of Totterdown. Anne is
now a tree champion for our area. Chris informed her about the tree mapping tool. The aim is for
TRESA to add data to the map. When identifying the trees, girth is also important. Because many
trees are now losing their leaves, identification may be easier in the spring and summer next year.
When the audit is complete, Bristol Tree Forum will be able to calculate Totterdown’s tree canopy
and its contribution to improving air quality.
Action: AS, interested directors and members

A replacement strimmer is still to be purchased.
Action: AS, JN

A “Zone A” work party is to be organised with an emphasis on tidying up the edges.
Action: AS, interested directors and members

b. Stanley Hill rat-run
There have been delays and difficulties finding out which officer is responsible for working with
TRESA to deliver this project. Cllr Jon Wellington said an officer has now been appointed. Linn and
Jon will liaise about trying to move this forward.
Action: LW, Cllr Jon Wellington

c. Zone N
Funds have been allocated for improvements and the plans have been submitted and agreed. SH is
hoping to meet contractors on site early in 2019.
Action: SH

d. Clean air
This item to be carried forward to the next meeting.

e. Zone A
Geoff has been investigating the costs of moving this forward and transferring the land from TACA to
a new charitable trust of which TRESA will be a trustee. The aim is to preserve the land for the
benefit of the community and the TACA objective of creating a community centre on Zone A would
not apply to the new trust. The estimate for conveyancing is £750, and the estimate for a charitable
trust deed is also £750. This will have to be met from TRESA funds. TRESA needs clear legal advice
over ongoing liabilities and the extent of control it would have over Zone A as a trustee vis a vis the
other trustees.
Action: GA

f. Windmill Hill Network
Cllr Jon Wellington reported that the next round of CIL funding will be available in Spring 2020 and
organisations are encouraged to make proposals for their areas. TRESA will consider its priorities. AS
suggested funds are needed to upgrade Zone A but SA suggested these could be met form other
funding sources and this may be a better route. SA will circulate information.
Action: All


5. A.O.B

a. Totterdown Square car park
Signs restricting parking in Totterdown Square car park to 30 minutes have been removed following
intervention from TRESA. There are issues with inappropriate parking at this site, but Tesco do not own or manage the car park and the signs were unnecessarily restrictive and could have had an
adverse impact on other businesses.

b. The “Road Project”
The Road Project is continuing in Totterdown and has asked if local organisations have information
or ideas to contribute in relation to Totterdown’s future.

c. Hadley Tower
Hadley proposal for the development at Totterdown Bridge. TRESA has objected. Simon met
recently with Cllr Nicola Beach to discuss concerns. This proposal is too dense and ignores the
importance of the River Avon wildlife corridor. TRESA members and friends are encouraged to

d. Yarlington Development
A promotional event by Yarlington, who are planning to develop the site between Three Lamps
junction and Totterdown Bridge, was attended by CJ and Suzanne. Yarlington appear to have raised
the height and density of their buildings as a result of the Hadley proposal. TRESA will continue to
monitor this proposal.


6. Close

a. Next Public Meeting
The next directors’ meeting to be agreed between directors it will be close to Christmas.
The next public meeting is Wednesday 16th January 2019.

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:30