2018-12-19 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA directors meeting, 7.30pm 19th December 2018, Stevens Crescent

1 – Opening

a. Apologies
Present: Geoff Allan (Chair), Carolyn Jones, Claire Radford, Simon Hobeck, Michelle Clare-Hudson, Anne Silber, Suzanne Audrey
Apologies: Nick Walters, Linn Waite

b. Previous minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


2. Directors Business

a. Membership secretary’s report
103 members and 11 friends have paid.
A membership flyer will be drafted to be given to newcomers in the area.
TRESA boxes are at the Tesco and the old Patco store. Fox and West are struggling to find a space to
site the 3rd box. Anne to follow up.

b. Treasurers report
Total funds £11,885.17. £3,516 not ringfenced. £24 owed to Anne for plants (Totterdown

c. Company secretary’s report
No actions needed at this stage.

d. Web editor’s report
Running fine at the moment. There was a discussion about increasing the use of social media. SA is
tweeting regularly, CJ keeping up to date with Facebook and others also contributing.

e. Talk of Totterdown
The Spring issue will focus on sustainability, looking at things people are already doing, and things
people might like to do in the future. Examples are Silverman’s eco range, and the car club.
An update of the delivery routes/numbers is needed.
SA to send round a list of streets compiled for the tree audit. Action: SA
MC-H, LW and CJ to check delivery routes and numbers. The latest issue is being distributed.
CJ will send Simon (Treasurer) the spreadsheet of invoices.
Michelle asked for the delivery routes and delivery people to be clarified at the next meeting.
Action: CJ, SH, MC-H


4. Projects

a. Totterdown Sprouting
Anne has tided up the planters at Angers Road and top of Firfield Street.
The gardening group Christmas meal at Desi was a success.
The annual wassail will take place on Saturday 12th January 2019, meeting at the Orchard area at
Tree survey will be relaunched in the spring. Two purposes: one to celebrate the range of trees in
the area; the second to work with Bristol Tree Forum to try to assess the contribution of trees to
Totterdown (including air quality).

b. Stanley Hill rat-run
No news.

c. Zone N
No further news. One of the whitebeams is dead – Simon to report this to Bristol City Council.

d. Zone A
The quote from Veale Wasborough was more than we had hoped. Geoff has drafted the Trust deed,
and we will try to get pro bono legal input (UWE, University of Bristol or an alternative solicitor).
Geoff and Anne to come back to the committee with reduced quotes. Action: GA, AS
When a new trust is established, the trustees will be responsible for ongoing costs (this will include
TRESA as one of the trustees). On-going insurance costs are still required. Action: GA

We need to investigate if the new Trust could be a TRESA charitable trust.
Pocket Parks funding is available from central government. CJ and GA to draft application.

e. Air Quality
Diffusion tube results are in. There will be a feature in the Talk of Totterdown, a press release to
relevant media and an event to disseminate results. Action: GA, CJ
SA received an email from the Mayor indicating that Bristol City Council will not meet the timescale
required for stating what the Clean Air Plan is for Bristol. SA to circulate to all TRESA directors for
information. TRESA will frame a response. Action: SA, GA
There are still difficulties in siting the air quality monitors. AS to investigate siting one at The
Thunderbolt on Bath Road. SH to help with the technology. Action: AS, SH

f. Planning
Hadley group application for development including towerblock at Totterdown bridge. The decision
has been delayed.
Yarlington Group for development between Bath Road bridge and Three Lamps junction– no more

5. A.O.B

a. Future speakers for public meetings
The January meeting will include a general discussion about what topics TRESA will focus on for
Police will come to our March public meeting.
Food will be another topic, perhaps in May.

b. Thunderbolt steps
The steps are closed off and unsafe. Workers are there at the moment. Some concern that the
builder may be suggesting it is not his fault and this could delay repairs and access. AS to draft
something to the City Council about getting the right of way restored. All directors to try to submit a
complaint to the City Council. Leaflet to be drafted to let local people know who to complain to: AS
to draft, CJ to check, SH to print. Action: AS, CJ, SH and all

6. Close

a. Next Public Meeting
The next public meeting is Wednesday 16th January 2019.

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:30