2019-01-16 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Public meeting, 7.30pm 16th January 2019, Stevens Crescent

1 – Opening

a. Apologies

Present: Hannah West (Fox & West), Geoff Allan (Chair), Simon Hobeck, Anne Silber, Claire Radford, Jez Welsh (TACA), Julian Noble, Suzanne Audrey
Apologies: Nick Walters, Carolyn Jones, Michelle Clare-Hudson, Linn Waite

b. Previous minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


2. Fox & West

There was an informal discussion about the ways in which TRESA and Fox & West could work together on community projects. Sustainability is a shared interest. TRESA to inform Fox & West of our activities in advance to give them time to plan their contribution.

TRESA has a post box in Fox & West but unfortunately the walls are not suitable for it to be wall-
mounted. A poster will be put up instead, letting people know that items can be given to staff to put in the post box. Action: HW, SH, AS

Hannah then left the meeting.


3. Zone A

GA and AS met with UWE law students and their supervisor to discuss pro bono work to set up a new Trust and the conveyancing necessary to transfer Zone A. TACA needs to establish its trustees, and TRESA needs to set up the new Trust, before the land can be transferred. JW will contact Burge Salmon to update them on progress. Action: JW, GA, AS

GA checked the cost of insuring the land and was given a quotation of £201.80 for one year. This was thought to be reasonable and would be the responsibility of the new Trust which would include TRESA.

GA looked into the government ‘pocket park’ funding application process. The tight deadline and the list of requirements mean that TRESA will not be applying.

There will be a Zone A working party on Sunday 3 rd February at 11.00am to tidy up the area, especially around the perimeter.

Jez left the meeting at this point.


4. Directors Business

a. Membership secretary’s report
102 members, 11 friends. Non-renewers have been contacted.

b. Treasurers report
Current balance is £11,921.17 the majority of which is ring-fenced.

c. Company secretary’s report
Nothing new to report.

d. Web editor’s report
Nothing new to report. Generally working well.

e. Talk of Totterdown
In CJ’s absence SA reported that the next issue is progressing well.


5. Projects

a. Totterdown Sprouting
The Wassail was successful with about 40 people attending.
An orchard working party will take place on Monday 21 st January. Tree pruning will be the main
AS has written an article for the Talk of Totterdown explaining the activities for the tree survey.
Volunteers will be needed in the spring to help with the survey.
The next gardening club in Totterdown Square will take place on 11th February and AS will
advertise for new members in March 2019. Action: AS

b. Stanley Hill rat-run
A new Bristol City Council officer has been appointed to work on the Stanley Hill rat run
The builders for the developments at Goolden Street have gone into administration so this will delay the planned development on Goolden Street which would have affected the rat running on Stanely Hill.

c. Zone N
No further news. One of the whitebeams is dead and has been reported to BCC.
SH have chased the council to progress the planned works.  No response yet received.

d. Zone A
See section above.

e. Air Quality
GA has written an article for the Talk of Totterdown giving the results of recent air quality monitoring in Totterdown. Other air monitors are still to be set up. The Thunderbolt was thought to be a good location. Action: GA
CR and SH received an email from Cllr Jon Wellington with information about the progress of Bristol’s clean air zone. Officers are finishing the modelling work which is due to be completed at the end of this month. The technical work has been more complicated than anticipated. In the meantime, work is continuing to raise awareness.
GA has drafted a letter to be sent to the Mayor expressing concern about the delay in taking action on air quality in Bristol. The draft will be circulated to TRESA directors for comments. Action: GA

f. Planning
Another application has been made for a gas generator in St Philips. TRESA to object, although SA thought an objection had already been submitted. This to be checked. Action: GA, SH
SA and SH to represent TRESA at a meeting about the developments around Temple Meads and St Philips Action: SA, SH
Work seems to be taking place on Thunderbolt Steps but TRESA will continue to monitor the situation.

g. Ideas for future work
CR s keen to progress the work on the food bank at St Johns Lane. In the meantime, she has written an article for the Talk of Totterdown. Action: CR
The police will be attending the meeting in March.
Sandy Hore-Ruthven will be invited to a meeting as a mayoral candidate. Action: SH
Other mayoral candidates will be invited as they announce their intention to stand.


6. A.O.B

CR reported the overflowing gully on the pavement under St Lukes Road railway ridge and was pleased to see it had been cleared.

SH will report the missing bollard at the side of the Asia Garden restaurant, where cars can now drive straight through. Action: SH

SH also regularly reports the problem of missing dropped curbs in Winton Street. Action: SH

SA will organise a trip to Avonmouth to see the food recycling plant. Action: SA

SA has written to councillors and Bristol Waste to express concern about their policy on the removal of graffiti. The Mayor’s office responded to say they are looking into it, but no further information has been received. SA to attend the next cabinet meeting to ask a question of Cllr Kye Dudd. Action: SA

GA is working on a residents’ survey to be inserted in the Talk of Totterdown and used at community events. When the text is agreed SH will also set up an online version. Action: GA,SH


7. Close

a. Next Public Meeting
The next public meeting is Wednesday 20th March 2019.
Guest attendees will be the local police service.

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:45