2019-05-15 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Public meeting, 7.30pm 15th May 2019, Totterdown Canteen

1 – Opening

a. Apologies

Present: Carolyn Jones (Director), Simon Hobeck (Treasurer), Anne Silber (Membership Secretary), Suzanne Audrey (Vice-Chair), Nick Walters (Director), Cllr Jon Wellington, Mark Bailey (TACA), Jez Welsh (TACA), Steve Heigham (Extinction Rebellion), Mark Leach (Bristol City Council (BCC)), Mary Page (Mayoral Candidate) and five members of the public
Apologies: Geoff Allan (Chair), Michelle Clare-Hudson (Director), Claire Radford (Director), Linn Waite (Director)

b. Previous minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


2. Speaker representing Extinction Rebellion

Steve Heigham led a session examining some of the reasons for the lack of action on climate change,
and the approach taken by Extinction Rebellion. Further information is here: https://rebellion.earth/

Due to lack of time, it was agreed for Mark to lead a session about BCC’s action on air quality and
climate change at the public meeting in September.


3. Other Issues

Zone A

AS and GA have been meeting with law students from the University of the West of England to discuss transferring Zone A from TACA (no longer a functioning charity) to a new organisation.

AS explained a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with three trustees was advised as the best option. AS indicated she would be willing to be a trustee.

AS proposed TRESA should take this option forward; seconded by SA. Agreed. A TRESA directors’ meeting to be arranged to discuss next steps.

Local Plan & designation of School Road Park as local green space
SA explained part of the Bristol Local Plan involved designating green space as either Reserved Open
Space (ROS) or Local Green Space (LGS). LGS is a higher level of protection. The current BCC proposal
is to designate School Road Park as ROS. SA has prepared a document setting out the case for School
Road Park to be LGS. Cllr Jon Wellington agreed. SA to submit the case to the Local Plan Review.

Power station at St Philips Marsh
The decision by councillors, made this afternoon, to refuse this planning application was welcomed.

St Lukes Road crossing
Cllr Jon Wellington confirmed TRESA’s application for a crossing between St Lukes Steps and Victoria
Park has been put forward for CIL funding. Although this is still not guaranteed, it is a positive step
and he will keep TRESA informed of progress.

Enforcement (dropped kerbs)
SH has been asking Bristol City Council about the provision of dropped kerbs in Knowle Road and
Winton Lane which had been a requirement of a planning application. He has now been informed
that it is unlikely to be enforced by BCC. It was agreed this is not acceptable. SH has made a Freedom
of Information Request to ascertain what has gone wrong. SA pointed out that the Equality Act may
also be helpful. SH will continue to press for action with the support of TRESA.


4. Close

a. Next Public Meeting
The next public meeting is July 17th July 2019.

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:30