2018-05-16 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA public meeting, 7.30pm 16th May 2018, Totterdown Canteen

1 – Opening

a. Apologies
Present: SH, BM, Cllr Jon Wellington, Guest speaker Graham Coburn
Apologies: CJ, AS, LW, SA, GA, NW, AM, JB

b. Previous minutes
Previous minutes approved.


2. Guest Speaker : Graham Coburn

For some reason, 9/10 TRESA directors were not present at the start and it was only SH, Cllr Jon Wellington and the guest speaker.  Therefore no director updates were given, no project updates and no other regular business.  BM arrived near the end of the meeting.

SH and JW had a pleasant chat with Graham about living free from plastic and what could be done.  The lack of people made the whole meeting quite embarrassing and SH spent much of the time apologising to the guest speaker.

3. Close

a. Next Public Meeting
Directors meeting – Weds 20th June, The Shakespeare

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:30