Meetings & Minutes

TRESAcic holds two types of meetings which alternate and are held on the third Wednesday of each month at various local venues see calender  page / link for details.

General Meeting

This is open to any members (and non-members who have an interest) to bring their issues, concerns or support to TRESAcic.  Members may contribute items to the agenda and vote on any agenda items requiring a Quorum vote. A Quorum vote requires that there be at least 10 members and/or Directors present to conduct any changes to the business of TRESAcic. Non-members may not vote and must give advance notice of any agenda items they wish to bring to the general meeting by contacting TRESAcic prior to the general meeting.

We aim to make our public meetings interesting so often invite external, guest speakers to talk about their work, or impact on Totterdown.  Previous guest speakers include:

  • Bristol Pound
  • Bristol Waste Company
  • Sustainable Transport Experts
  • Mayoral hustings
  • Bristol Arena Project Team
  • Resident Parking Team
  • UWE/ClairCity
  • Bristol Civic Society
  • WeCare & Repair
  • University of Bristol

Committee Meeting

This is where the Directors meet to discuss the business of TRESAcic, the policy and direction of the organisation, the issues or events that we will concentrate on in the interest of the residents of Totterdown. The committee may sometimes invite interested parties on pressing or immediate matters to attend these meetings where a general meeting may be too late to discuss any such issues.


Every year in July, the general meeting becomes the Annual General meeting (AGM) to elect the Directors and an annual report is published. If you'd like to join the committee you need to fill in a nomination form. You can do this at any time in the year if there is a vacancy.  At the AGM all the posts are up for nominations and subject to a general vote of the members.  Nominations need to be received by the Chair or Secretary two weeks in advance of the AGM.

If you'd like to submit a formal motion to the AGM, please send an email to You don't need to fill in a form to raise an issue at the meetings if you are a member.

Meeting Minutes