Minutes of TRESA directors’ meeting 19 June 2019

Minutes of TRESA Directors Meeting on Wednesday 19 June 2019

Apologies LW, AS
Present CR , SH, SA , CJ, M C-H, GA

Treasurer’ Report Current balance at bank – £11,718.68
Secretary Nothing to report
Membership secretary – AS had given a written report as follows. Membership records are up to date. It would be useful to hold stalls or do other actions to increase membership. Besides the noticeboard on Zone A TRESA doesn’t have much visible presence.
CJ will do a poster for the Great Get Together event on 23 June to go on the noticeboard CJ
Web Editor – Nothing to report
Talk of Totterdown – Add an agenda item for future a meeting to review numbers printed for each issue and the distribution area.
Projects / Get growing – AS in her written report has been trying to idey up the orchard ready for the Get Growing Trail. She hopes to organize a weekly Orchard Club meeting to encourage people to help in managing and improving it. AS is all in favour of the idea of a ‘Totterdown walking trail’ to take in Park St and the orchard so that more people are aware of it.
SA also requested funding of up to £100 to cover the cost of bulbs for the Totterdown Square planters. There should be enough funds in hand to cover this.
Stanley Hill LW had emailed to say that she’d been in touch with Bristol City Council again to try and revive the Stanley Hill rat run / traffic calming issue.
Great Get Together Plans were well in hand. TRESA’s garden awards will be announced. Refreshments being laid on. CJ will be setting up from about 1 pm – anyone available to come and help would be appreciated. CJ is to look at prices for a banner. CJ
Chris Reed, the new owner of Farrows is interested in doing an event on Zone A, with a view to publicizing local businesses. CJ will carry on discussion. CJ
It would be good to find a means of liaising with local businesses.
Zone N Two sets of solar lights have been put up despite bad weather, and were considered a great success despite . However more are needed to complete the effect. It was agreed that money can be spent on this – possible locations (in addition to additional lights on Zone N), to be decided at the next meeting. Thanks to those who took part. CJ
Air Quality To mark National Clean Air day on 20 June, SA has persuaded Cabot Tyres to agree to put up a ‘No idling’ sign, and will also print off no idling flyers to hand out to customers.
Zone A GA reported that the proposed conversion of TRESA to a CIO will have to be formally approved by members, by way of a special resolution, at a public members meeting, in order to comply with regulations. A quorum of 10 members/ directors will be required.
It was proposed that this be scheduled for the AGM in July.
GA will liaise with SH to send out the necessary notice and proposal and copy draft constitution for the CIO. GA SH will prepare Accounts for the AGM, and GA will prepare the annual report for the year. Anyone who wants to contribute to it should contact him GA SH

New Found Out – Problems there of anti-social behaviour, noise and drug selling are as bad as ever. M C-H has now had a number of supportive responses from affected neighbours
With no prospect of any improvement in the situation, it was resolved that on behalf of the affected community TRESA should issue an application to review and if so decided by the licensing committee to revoke the licence held by the current licensees. GA to liaise with M C-H in organizing this GA

Majestic Wines site, Bath Rd – position being monitored
Hadley Tower, Totterdown Bridge – now approved despite strenuous opposition
Temple Quarter EC. Whilst the developers have suggest consultation with Totterdown residents and meeting with TRESA directors, TRESA’s position is that is for them to organize this, not to leave it to TRESA. It should take place at a central location e.g. Totterdown Methodist church hall, and sufficient time should be allowed. TRESA to advise University of comments CJ
Houses in multiple occupation – SA pointed out that there are a number of these in Totterdown which have not been registered. Query what TRESA’s policy should be. It was decided to consult e.g. Pat of Clifton Action for Balanced Communities to discuss how to approach the problem and review at a future directors meeting as to appropriate action. CJ
Future speakers Carly Urbanski from Age UK Bristol is coming to July meeting talk about their Bristol Ageing Better programme. Also Rob Millard for round table discussion of possible resource library (CJ to contact him)
AOB Alexandra Allen has been in touch with SH. They want to start a bookshop / community space. SH to talk to Richard Jones to explore possible options SH
Metal trees – Jerry with the flat hat is happy to install – SH to pin him down to a deadline SH
Age UK project – M Ch has registered with AUK. She and CR will take this forward. M C-H, CR
LW’s film ‘Bait ‘ is to be shown at the Watershed 22 August 2019
Survey – intended to explore local people’s feelings about how they might like to support or work with TRESA . We would start with a ltd run of survey leaflets and review feedback before deciding on whether to go for a larger survey

Next meeting – Public meeting and AGM on 17 July 2019 at 7.30 pm at Totterdown Canteen – speaker from Age UK Bristol