2019-11-20 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the TRESA public meeting held on Wednesday 20 November 2019, 7.30pm at Totterdown Canteen, Wells Road

Present:  Geoff Allan (Chair), Suzanne Audrey (Vice-Chair), Simon Hobeck (Treasurer), Anne Silber (Membership Secretary), Nick Walters (Director), Linn Waite (Director), Aileen McLoughlin (Labour Party local election candidate 2020), Julian Noble

Apologies:  Claire Radford, Michelle Clare-Hudson, Carolyn Jones

1] Minutes of previous meeting


2] Bristol Clean Air Zone

Notes (Appendix 1) and a maps (Appendix 2), summarising information about the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) on Bristol City Council website, were distributed. There are two proposed zones: a medium-sized zone where non-compliant commercial vehicles will be charged to enter everyday (one charge will cover entering and re-entering for the whole day), and; a smaller zone in which all diesel cars will be banned between 7.00am and 3.00pm every day and those entering will be fined. Suzanne ran through the main points before a more general discussion identified several issues relating to Totterdown.

Diverted traffic (air quality)

Totterdown is just outside of the CAZ and may be affected by non-compliant commercial vehicles diverting to avoid the charge. This could increase the number of non-compliant vehicles driving around Totterdown and consequently an increase in congestion and air pollution.

  • Non-compliant commercial vehicles heading towards the city on Bath Road may turn left at Three Lamps Junction, driving up Wells Road and then turning right along St John’s Lane
  • The Stanley Hill rat run from Bath Road to Wells Road may also become even worse
  • Non-compliant commercial vehicles driving towards the city on Wells Road may turn left onto St John’s Lane

Action: TRESA to request that further modelling undertaken by includes the impact of displaced traffic through Totterdown.


As well as displaced traffic driving through the area, Totterdown may also be affected by an increase in non-resident parking as people try to avoid entering the zone. This is likely to be exacerbated by the new University campus at Temple Quarter.

Action: TRESA to request information from Bristol City Council officer and members about the likely impact of the CAZ on parking in Totterdown, and measures to mitigate any resulting problems.

Access for diesel private car drivers

Temple Meads train station and Bristol bus station are both within the diesel car ban zone, making it impossible for someone with a diesel car to drop off or pick up family members or friends (special concern was expressed for disabled passengers) between 7.00am and 3.00pm without incurring a substantial fine (modelled to be £60, increasing to £120 if not paid within 14 days).

Bristol Royal Infirmary and Bristol Children’s Hospital are within the diesel car ban zone, making it impossible for someone with a diesel car to drive someone to hospital in an emergency without incurring the substantial fine.

Cabot Circus shopping area will not be accessible to people driving a diesel car until after 3.00pm e.g. if they are buying heavy items.

Action: TRESA to develop scenarios and ask Bristol City Council officers and councillors for advice on how these can be resolved.

Additional questions

When and where will the future Park & Ride facility be implemented on the A37 Wells Road?

Are there plans for a freight consolidation site for south Bristol to reduce the number of large lorries driving into central Bristol along the Bath Road and Wells Road?

As part of the improvements to the Wells Road bus route through Totterdown, can a 20mph limit be imposed and enforced?

What is the definition of a commercial vehicle? Does this include people with a small business who use their vehicles for business purposes?

The two-zone proposal seems complicated to understand, potentially more expensive to set up and enforce, and will effectively ban some people from accessing important city centre sites for a large part of the day. Is a Class D zone (charging all vehicles but not imposing a ban) still being modelled as an alternative?

Action: TRESA to seek answers to these questions from Bristol City Council officers and councillors.

3] Officer reports


Current balance is £11,102.

Company secretary

Nothing to report.

Membership secretary

Currently 90 members and 14 friends have paid.

Web editor

Nothing to report.

Talk of Totterdown

The winter issue was delivered in time for the Art Trail. It was agreed that we should consider reducing the print run to 2,300.

4] Tree planting

An oak tree has been planted on Zone N by local residents in memory of their son.

30 November is Plant a Tree day. AS will be planting a tree at the bottom of Park Street, Totterdown.

TRESA to fund a new apple tree in the community orchard.

SA to ask RMG management (responsible for Three Lamps Estate) about three trees that appear to have been removed from Angers Road and will request replacements.

5] Zone A

Progress towards TRESA taking responsibility for Zone A is slow because the Charity Commission is delayed in processing applications for Charitable Incorporated Organisations.

6] Stanley Hill rat run

A new officer has been appointed to the case. She has sent information about Community Speed watch and the new development at the top of the road. However, there is still no progress on tackling the rat-running by changes to the road layout.

7] Mayoral Hustings

SH reported that the Totterdown hustings event will take place in March 2020 and will be run along the same lines as the hustings in 2016. He has invited all known mayoral candidates. The Liberal Democrat, Green and Conservative candidates have accepted. The current Labour mayor has not committed to attending at this stage (although it is pencilled in his diary). Any new candidates will be invited as they announce their intention to stand.

8] Date of next meeting

The next directors’ meeting is Wednesday 18 December at SA’s house. Bring nibbles and something to drink.