2018-01-17 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Directors meeting, 7.30pm 17th January 2018, Totterdown Canteen

1 – Opening

a. Apologies
Directors Present: Simon Hobeck, Carolyn Jones, Anne Silber, Suzanne Audrey, Linn Waite, Geoff Allan
Director Apologies: Andy McElwee, John Bowen, Rebecca Mear, Nick Walters
Members of the public: Sue Wilde, Anne Harding, Mike Wilde, Attila Borsos, David Gaunt, Tom Burnett, Cllr Jon Wellington, Leo Townsend, Vicki Copeland, Steve Sayers, Zelda Welton, Rebecca Harhat (Vera), Amber Williams, Alice Stubbs, Julian Noble, Martyn Trowbridge, Alderman Mark Bailey, Alexis Macron(?)

b. Previous minutes
Previous minutes approved.

2. Directors reports (3 mins each)

Due to audience request and limited time, the agenda was aborted so focus could be given to issues raised by the attending residents.  Directors reports can be updated in the February Directors meeting.


Totterdown Centre

In attendance were representatives of Bristol Women’s workshop, Floriography and the Healing Courtyard based at the Totterdown Centre 138-144 Wells Road.  On behalf of the group, Vera explained that part of the Totterdown Centre, 142-144 Wells Road, is due to be sold by auction on 27th February 2018 and they want to safeguard the building for community use. A Crowdfunder page has been set up and Vera is hoping to register the Totterdown Centre as a community asset.  Maggs and Allen, the auctioneers, have indicated that they are marketing 142-144 for community use.


Wells Road traffic

Tom Burnett raised concerns about the volume of traffic using Wells Road through Knowle and Totterdown, including articulated lorries, with serious implications for air quality and road safety.
Cllr Jon Wellington said the proposal for a Clean Air Zone in Bristol may help to address some of the problems: he will investigate whether data exist about the destination and purpose of traffic using Wells Road. The Mayor’s congestion task group is also relevant. It may be possible for TRESA to work with the University of Bristol or Air Apparent.

(1) Tom to investigate working with University of Bristol;
(2) Geoff to investigate Air Apparent.


Largescale building projects

David Gaunt expressed concern about the impact of so many largescale building projects in our area. These include the Bristol Arena (if the arena island site is chosen) and the new University of Bristol campus (an outline planning proposal has been submitted, and formal consultation will take place later in the year). The size and design of these projects has the potential to significantly change the character of the local area and has serious implications for transport planning.

(1) Cllr Jon Wellington and Simon Hobeck to meet with Nicola Beech, Cabinet Member for Spatial Planning and City Design, about the multiplicity of new developments along Bath Road;
(2) The next TRESA public meeting will focus on Action for Balanced Communities.


Grosvenor Hotel

With the new Engine Shed development at Temple Meads, a decision had been made to knock down the locally listed Grosvenor Hotel despite a campaign to save it. However, it now looks as if the facade of the Grosvenor Hotel may be saved and incorporated into the new building. A public consultation will take place 7th February 12-7pm, Platform 14 within Engine Shed, Station Approach.
(Edit 1/2/18 – This date has now changed due to a bereavement.  TRESA will communicate the new date).

TRESA and concerned local residents to contribute to the public consultation.


St Lukes Road

Because of problems with the previous light assisted crossing, a temporary crossing has been installed and speed monitoring is taking place. This may offer an opportunity to improve traffic speeds and crossings on St Lukes Road.

Cllr Jon Wellington to enquire about progress.



Suzanne Audrey raised concerns about litter in Totterdown: although TRESA and other local residents are willing to litter pick, litter is a problem, street cleaning does not seem to happen regularly, and weeds have not been cleared along streets or St Lukes Steps.

Cllr Jon Wellington to ask Bristol Waste to provide TRESA with information about the street cleaning and weed control schedule.


Bathwell Road/Goolden Street

Linn Waite explained that there have been on-going concerns about proposals for this site and TRESA has had some success in improving the proposed design. However, a member of Bristol City Council city design team is now stating that the 3-storey corner building is justified. Please object again on the basis of height, bulk and impact on the streetscape.

Concerned residents please object (planning reference 17/06260/F)


Mayoral visit to Windmill Hill

Mayor Marvin Rees will be visiting the Baptist Church at the corner of Sylvia Avenue/St Johns Lane, Friday 19th January, 10.00-12.00



a. Next Meeting
Public meeting scheduled for 19:30 Weds 21st March 2018. Venue TBC.
This will focus on a presentation from Action for Balanced Communities. Cllr Job Wellington will also talk about expanding licensing for HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) in the city. This is particularly pertinent to the proposal for the new university campus at Temple Meads (with a planned 4,500 students).

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:30