Multicultural Totterdown

Totterdown is beautifully diverse and we want to celebrate that by capturing stories of those people who have moved here from other countries.  Who are they, why did they move, and what do they love about Totterdown.  The stories will then be published to share the diversity of where we are.
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Multicultural Totterdown book

25th June 2017
TRESA is now ready to start collecting 'stories' for our multicultural Totterdown book. We are asking people who live or work in Totterdown, and were born or have ancestry in another country, to tell us something about their heritage and how they came  to be living or working in Totterdown. Our aim is to collect 50 stories from at least 25 different countries. Please help us to achieve this by completing the attached form or passing it on to someone who may wish to contribute to the book. For more information contact: We look forward to hearing from you.…

Experienced photographers wanted to help with ‘Our Multicultural Totterdown’ book.

1st April 2017
The book is celebrating our wonderfully diverse community by compiling about 50 different stories of people from all over the world, and with different cultures, who now live in Totterdown. We want to know how they arrived here, what they like about Totterdown, and what they have retained from their culture or birthplace that is important to them (whether its a love of certain foods, a special object, or anything else that is still part of their identity). Each of the 50 stories will be accompanied by a photograph, so we hope to have about 10 photographers contributing 5 photos…

The Case of Tea at the Mosque

4th January 2017
Following the incident at the Totterdown Mosque and the outpouring of support, Jo Bushell decided to use the subject for her dissertation in Urban Studies (MSc) at UCL. (more…)

Suzanne Audrey

Project Lead

How to get involved

We need people to help contribute their stories.  
We also need photographers to take 10 portraits.

All participants will receive a free copy of the book.

To take part email