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The provision of telephone kiosks now requires planning permission, and the display of any advertisements on them now requires advertisement control consent.

On May 25th the provisions of the The Town and Country Planning (Permitted Development, Advertisement and Compensation Amendments) (England) Regulations 2019 [2019 No. 907] will take effect.

Part 2 of these Regulations sets out the amendments to the General Permitted Development Order.

The amendment to Part 16, Class A (PD for electronic communications code operators) now excludes from this Class of PD the installation, alteration or replacement of a public call box.

Part 3 of these Regulations also amends the Control of Advertisements Regulations to remove the whole of Class 16 from Part 1 of Schedule 3, which gave deemed consent to advertisements displayed on telephone kiosks.

Adblock campaign against billboards

A Bristol campaign against large advertising billboards is inviting supporters to sign their petition for the Local Plan to bring in policy to give the council more control over corporate advertising. See the video and link to petition here

Bristol Local Plan review

Reminder: the consultation ends in 2 weeks. Link here
Please make your responses by 24th May.

NB the adopted plan will include the new policies currently being consulted on AND the retained policies which are not being consulted.