New footbridge to Arena Island is delayed but making progress

The construction of the new footbridge bridge between St Philips Marsh and Arena Island was originally due to be completed September 2018, but is now due to be finished by spring 2019.

St Philip’s Footbridge has been designed to accommodate the height difference between the two riverbanks

The bridge was originally planned to provide a route for pedestrians and cyclists to Bristol Arena but construction of the arena has now been cancelled by Mayor Marvin Rees

Construction of the bridge for both pedestrians and cyclists began in August 2017. The bridge’s eastern end is forked, with both steps and a ramp leading to the main part of the structure heading to the former diesel depot. As part of the works to build the bridge, the River Avon Path will also be upgraded, with improved lighting.

St Philip’s Footbridge seen from the River Avon Path

The new bridge seen from the neighbouring railway bridge