Petition to restrict advertising billboards across Bristol

AdblockBristol is asking people to asking and share a petition to restrict the expansion of the advertising industry across Bristol.

Further information from AdblockBristol is below:


What’s the aim?
Bristol Council are currently writing our ‘Local Plan’ which sets “The Rules” for land use in the city.
We’d like them to put a line in that plan that restricts future billboard developments.
If we can apply enough pressure/demonstrate enough demand with this petition, then they might! We can also provide more ammunition for supportive Councillors to push for change.
This could potentially be a game-changer for the advertising fight in Bristol!
Why is it important?
Every month there are new applications for billboards around the city, and the trend is increasingly towards digital billboards, with changing images which demand attention from passers by.
At the moment, these billboards are being fought one-by-one, with residents writing individual objections. This is unsustainable, not to mention time-consuming and difficult.
Because the Council are writing this policy now, we have an opportunity to change things.
Why would your network care?
Whatever your views on advertising, we believe that this is a democratic issue that deserves to be dealt with at policy level.
The current system puts the onus on residents to discover planning applications and object within the strict criteria of the planning system, which normally means appealing to narrow arguments around safety or amenity.
Residents in Easton were recently shocked when a huge digital billboard was constructed next to their houses without them having known anything about it. Yet most residents don’t know that there are more applications for giant screens every month.
The harms of advertising are well-documented, but more than this, we know from speaking to residents that when they are made aware of new planning applications, they object.
We are therefore calling on the Council to act on our behalf and create a presumption against new billboards in the city.
Some suggested wording: 
“Our city is littered with billboards which bombard us with messages in order to sell stuff – without our permission. These adverts are bad for our communities, our environment, and our health. With your help, we can change Council Policy. Please sign and share the petition today:” 
The links can be found: 
If you’re able to help by sharing the petition it would be massively appreciated and make a real difference.
For more information about the campaign please get in touch, or see our website at: