Plans for Tower block by Totterdown Bridge

Hadley group are London based property developers who want to build a 17 storey tower block on Bath Road next to Totterdown Bridge.  Their original plans received over one hundred objections and has now been resubmitted following minor changes to the plan including changing number of units from 160 to 152.

TRESA still objects to this application as it is too tall, too ugly, and too dense.  The area was originally planned to be suitable for 40 units, up to four storeys high.  This proposed development far exceeds this.  The city spatial plan also suggests a density of 120 units per hectare for this area, yet this proposed development would have 304 p/ha.  2.5 times more than the suggested maximum.

The proposal also has significant impacts on the wildlife for this important green corridor of the River Avon.  This is a chance to have a sustainable development that preserves our natural environment rather than concreting over it.

We strongly suggest Totterdown residents comment on this plan and share any objections.