Plans to redevelop Broadwalk shopping centre

A plan to transform Broadwalk Shopping Centre and create 200 new homes will be presented to traders and local residents on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st July. The plans involve demolishing the 1970s multi-storey car park and knocking down the back part of the shopping centre.

Shopkeepers and people living around the centre have been invited to a special preview of an exhibition giving more information about the plans on Friday 20th July. Then, on Saturday from 10.00am to 2.00pm, the exhibition for the public is being held in what used to be Store 21 inside the precinct. Representatives from the development team will be on hand to answer questions and are keen to hear feedback on the early proposals.

 (Image: Broadwalk Shopping Centre/Cadence PR)

Around 200 flats are proposed on the site of the current multi-storey car park, with a modern car park for both the residents and the shoppers incorporated into the plans. There will be a ‘natural path’ from the main Wells Road entrance of the shopping centre through to Redcatch Park at the other end of the shopping centre.

 (Image: Broadwalk Shopping Centre/Cadence PR)



  1. Recognising 400+ homes I do not think 400 car parking spaces is sufficient. Adjacent residential streets will become even more “clogged up”.
    The “link” through the mall to the park I think, is really a non point.
    As a person who has studied retail across the globe I am not convinced there will be sufficient footfall in this very secondary (if not tertiary) development to make it commercially viable with the present plans. I suggest it will need more “leisure activity” to be sustainable which means enhanced free car parking spaces to that currently proposed.

    1. Hi Colin, Thanks for your thoughtful comment.
      In our experience, most developments have very little parking. The tower proposed for next to Totterdown Bridge had 1 space per 10 people! For this development to have one space per unit seems generous. I agree residents may have more vehicles and will spill over into the local streets. How many spaces do you think should be allocated per unit?

      Regarding the viability of the commercial area, the site is already there and I would have thought the extra 400 units on site would only increase footfall. I would certainly agree that more leisure activities would make the area more vibrant. Do you have any thoughts on what would be suitable for the area? Perhaps a cinema?

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