Dog’s mess on our green spaces

TRESA has been out on Poo Patrol today, checking where inconsiderate dog owners have not cleaned up after their pets. The good news is that many of our streets are clean. But it is disappointing to see that some dog owners allow their dogs to defecate on our green spaces where children play and adults may want to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

The photo below shows TRESA director Suzanne Audrey after spraying fluorescent chalk spray on dog faeces left on the grass in School Road Park – right next to a dog’s waste bin. Meanwhile another “poo patroller” identified four different piles of dog’s mess on the grass at School Road Park railings.

The patrols are part of a research project with the University of Bristol – examining whether it is possible to encourage dog owners to ‘bag and bin’ all dog waste, and also checking what toxins are in the waste.  You can report dog waste at