Problems with development plans, including new school, near Temple Meads

Many people from Totterdown will have attended the drop in sessions where plans for developing part of the St Philips area (the land and buildings on the south side of Silverthorne Lane, Bristol BS2 0QD) were showcased.

The application to Bristol City  Council (Ref: 19/03867/P) includes: 

  • site wide remediation, including demolition;
  • Plot 1. University of Bristol. Offices, research and development, non-residential institution, cafe;
  • Plots 2 and 3. Mixed use. 367 dwelling houses, offices, restaurants and cafes;
  • Plot 4. Redevelopment of ‘The Erecting Sheds’ to provide offices;
  • Plot 5. Erection of buildings and redevelopment of ‘The Boiler Shop’ to provide a 1,600 pupil secondary school;
  • Plot 6. Erection of buildings to provide up to 841 student units;
  • associated works and infrastructure.

There are hundred of documents to sift through, but it appears that there are some major concerns about the proposals. Bristol City Council’s City Design Group feel there is insufficient acknowledgement of the heritage of the area, and that the height and design of some of the proposed buildings is unacceptable. Their assessment is here:


And the environment agency believe the developers have not given enough attention to the risk of flooding. They state: “We maintain our flood risk objection to the proposed development. It still fails to be demonstrated that the second part of the flood risk exception test is passed. We therefore object and recommend that planning permission is refused on this basis….The emerging Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) modelling  undertaken by Bristol City Council should be considered as the best available flood risk information for the area…the modelling has demonstrated in particular that fluvial flood risk from the Feeder Canal in this part of the city is worse than previously anticipated.”

These may be some of the reasons contributing to the recent announcement by Bristol City Council that the opening of the new school is likely to be considerably delayed.

The full application and associated documents can be seen on the council’s planning website (cut and paste the following into your search engine: