Reports of anti-social and criminal behaviour in Victoria Park

TRESA has received the following message from the Chair of Victoria Park Action Group (VPAG) about recent reports of anti-social, criminal and violent behaviour in and around the park: 

You may have seen media/social media reports of crime in Victoria Park. The police are coming to the next VPAG meeting (Monday 2nd December, 7.30pm in the bowling club, Victoria Park) to brief us on the situation, but I just want to update you all on the latest information I have as there have been three incidents recently that I have just become aware of.

From the anecdotal reports on social media that the print media have picked up on, there appears to be a group of 4 or 5  teenagers around the area causing a significant amount of trouble. This ranges from vandalism of vehicles, antisocial behaviour to robbery with menaces.

In total I have seen four reports of attempted muggings in the park since July. Three of those have occurred since Halloween.  All appear to be carried out by the same group of teenagers. One incident reports seeing a knife or screwdriver and one person was hit with a thin flexible strip of metal (not a metal bar as reported).  No one has been injured. I have not looked for incidents beyond the park, so there may well be more incidents further afield.

Other reports are of pushing runners, menacing behaviour, car vandalism and such like.

Once I have all the latest information from the Police, I will update you again, but in the meantime please be safe and vigilant and report any incidents to the local police on 101.

It’s also important to point out that not all groups of teenagers are up to no good, please keep everything in perspective. It’s worth noting that distressing as the incidents are, no one has been injured so far and most of the robberies appear not to have been successful. Please take all sensible precautions, but remember the fear of crime can be as damaging as crime itself.

I will update everyone after Monday when we know more.


Chair of Victoria Park Action Group