Run your own project

Do you have an idea for a community project, or something that would benefit Totterdown?  Then perhaps we can help you get started.   TRESA can provide:

Many funding bodies will only grant money to organisations that are constituted charities or CICs and may require you to have a formal bank account with multiple signatories. TRESA can provide all of this.
We can help spread the word about your project. We can help you include an article in the Talk of Totterdown (delivered to 2500 homes), and we can promote through facebook and Twitter. We can also email our members to inform them.
Grant Applications
TRESA has lots of experience applying for grants to help fund projects. We can help find funds, fill out application forms and provide the well governed bank accounts to hold any funds (all ring fenced for your project).
Local People
We know many local people who may be interested in joining, or who could add skills to support your project. We also know many people in the council and other bodies who may be able to assist.
We have public liability insurance that can be used to cover your events if you are on public land.
Over the years we have acquired various pieces of equipment such as gazebos, chairs, tables, litter pickers, thermal cameras, etc. We also have a local, secure storage container.


TRESA can provide the tools and systems you may need but it is your project.  You own it and direct it, any finances are ring fenced and you control where the money goes.  In return, we require that you attend TRESA meetings to provide updates on your projects.  This is a chance to share your successes and so we can solve challenges together.

If you have a clear project idea you want to progress, or just a vague thought that you would like to discuss with someone, then contact us at