Show Totterdown’s pavements some love this Valentine’s Day

At this most romantic time of year, Living Streets are encouraging you to show your pavements some love.

Our #PavementsForPeople packs are purpose-built for you to shower your local footways in adoration – just step this way…


And make no mistake – pavements need more TLC.

Pavement parking. Badly-designed and located street furniture. Poorly-placed electric vehicle charges.

These are just three issues that are making our pavements inaccessible. They are problems for everyone but particularly hazardous for many, including blind and partially-sighted people, parents with pushchairs and young children, wheelchair users and others who use mobility aids.

Your local council has the power to make change happen. And our Pavements For People kits have all you need to get them on the case.

So, as everyone gets all lovey-dovey, let’s remember to show our pavements some love. Check out our toolkits and ask your council to protect #PavementsForPeople.

Happy Valentine’s Day – and happy walking!

Ruth Billingham
Living Streets