Snowy work party at Zone A

On Sunday 3rd February, TRESA held a work party at Zone A (The green area along Wells Road between Highgrove and Firfield street). Work focused on pruning the bushes/fruit trees and cutting back the growth overhanging the pavements.  This makes the pavements clearer and also makes the area tidier.

Whilst we were there, we also cleared ice of the pavement by the bus stop.  It was so treacherous and many people had been sliding about.  We then spread some grit to keep it safe.  Thanks to the Floriography team for their work on this.

This area was gifted to the community following the disastrous clearing of Totterdown in the 1970s for  the Ring Road.  Council funding is so stretched, local residents are more required to get involved so we would like to thank those that came to help – it really made a difference.