‘Southern gateway’ access to Temple Meads station

Numerous residents of Totterdown and other areas to the south of Bristol have raised concerns about driver access to Temple Meads station. The new road layout commits those who have to drive (maybe perhaps picking up or dropping off friends and relatives with mobility problems or heavy luggage) to a circuitous route around Recliffe or Old Market.

Taxi drivers have recently hit the headlines (Kate Wilson, BristolLive, 17 Feb) with comments including:

“We have to go all the way to Recliffe Hill or up to Old Market to turn around and come back on ourselves. I just don’t understand how this helps cut pollution?”

“Customers are sitting in the car wondering why I am driving away from the railway station and costing them more money. I just have to explain to them that it’s because of the new road layout, but in heavy traffic it can add an extra 10 minutes onto their journey. And it’s not the kind of road where you can just stop and let customers out.”

But there is a glimmer of hope. The planned improvements to Temple Meads station include a ‘southern gateway’ from the current Kwik Fit site on the Bath Road. Drivers could do the usual turn required to access the Bath Road and drop off or pick up from the site. A bridge would enable station users to access the platforms without having to walk all the way down to the current station approach. The southern gateway site would also incorporate cycle storage, disabled access and car parking.

The distance, as the crow flies, from the Kwik Fit site to the station platforms is actually very short – the images below give an idea – but obviously this requires major works. TRESA is pleased that the ambitious plans for Temple Meads at last include improvements for people coming from the south.

TRESA urges Totterdown residents, and others, to write in support of the southern gateway by completing the online form here: