Stanley Hill Street Party

Stanley Hill is often used as a rat run for traffic between Bath Road and Wells Road.  This creates pollution, noise, and danger.  Local residents are keen to tackle this issue through road calming techniques, as well as a monthly street party over the summer which closes the road for residents to meet up, chat, and play.
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Objections to 9 Flats Proposed on Corner of Bathwell Rd/Goolden St

22nd January 2017
The area on the corner of Goolden Street and Bathwell Road is going to be redeveloped.  The developers have proposed that 9 flats (intended for up to 34 people) will be built to look like 7 houses. Whilst it’s great to see development of this land, the development will: Be three storeys high - and will feel a lot higher to those living on the downhill side (Stanley Hill, Summer Hill and Goolden Street); Be built right up to the pavement with no front garden area (so won’t look like local houses and consequently will feel imposing); and the new…

Rebecca Mear

Project Lead