Survey about the future of Victoria Park Lodge

For many years the lodge in Victoria Park has been under-used. The roof is leaking and its condition is getting worse. Windmill Hill City Farm and Victoria Park Action Group are exploring opportunities to bring the Park Lodge back into more regular use. We want to find out what local people think are the priorities for the building and have a short online survey to gather views (it will only take a few minutes to complete).

There is also a chance to answer the survey in person in the park over the next few weeks as volunteers take out their clip-boards to gather more views. Our vision is to make the Victoria Park Lodge into a thriving, multi-use building that enhances the green spaces of the park.

Let us know what you think of this vision by taking the survey by clicking here.

A bit more background

The building is owned by Bristol City Council and is in a dilapidated state. Bringing it back to life will require investment, which demands there will be some economic (as well as social) return. It has potential to bring a revenue into the park rather than be a cost to it.

Any plan to bring the park lodge back into regular use needs to address the following:
• Providing a return to Bristol City Council for the asset (sale price or ongoing income from a lease).
• Providing community facilities that enhance the green spaces of the park.
• Providing a commercial return that can sustain all of the above.
• Adding to the existing infrastructure in the neighbourhood.

What other aspects do you think need to be addressed?
There are all sorts of possibilities for what the lodge could house – both community based or commercial: a kiosk or café facility, sheltered seating, storage for park activities (eg gazebos), a visitor centre, rooms to hire or a restaurant.

What community or commercial facilities would you like to see at the Park Lodge?

Take the survey here