Talk of Totterdown, Issue 50, Autumn 2018

Talk of Totterdown is 50!! And much has changed since the first issue was published back in the noughties!! The Wells Road is considerably enlivened by the presence of some fantastic local independent businesses, our green spaces are looking cared for and thriving. Whilst we do still have issues – not least of which air quality and parking! – there is much to recommend our little corner of Bristol.

Impacts from increased development are also a concern. Back in July, outline planning permission was granted for the University of Bristol’s new Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus. Private developers are looking at potential residential offerings along the Bath Road, and the whole area around ‘Arena’ or should that be ‘Temple Island’ seems up for grabs for a variety of development options. As we went to press with the latest issue of Talk of Totterdown we were waiting for the final decision from Mayor Rees on where the proposed new Bristol Arena would be sited. Anecdotally it seemed that opinion was divided in Totterdown;  although a significant number of people felt that the Arena should be in south Bristol, there were concerns about traffic and parking and lack of infrastructure to support such a venue.

We now know that the decision has been made not to site the Arena in this location… and the ‘Temple Island’ land is likely to be used for ‘mixed use’ development. There’s something to think about, and it will be interesting to see how the dust settles on this one!!! TRESA will continue to monitor potential developments within and close to our neighbourhood, and will push to have our voice heard and to raise concerns regarding potential impacts on our community.

In the meantime, we continue to celebrate what’s great about Totterdown – the movers and shakers, and the positive things that are happening in our community.

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Enjoy these Autumnal days!

Editor, Talk of Totterdown