Talk of Totterdown, Issue 52

For some time I have wanted to pull together an issue that focuses on ‘Sustainability’ and the spirt of our times which points to ways in we can all contribute to a more caring and considered way of living.

Before some of you switch off in the face of perceived ‘goody two shoes’ attitudes of “knitting your own muesli” and “birch twig soup”, I am not talking about privation or unnecessary hardship. It is easier than it has ever been to make very small changes in the ways we live our lives. The familiar mantra of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ still stands, but also consideration of the natural environment around us, and appreciation of the resources we have. Making the most of life doesn’t have to cost the earth.

I asked my fellow TRESA Directors to give me one key way in which they think we can embrace the sustainability challenge going forward … and they didn’t disappoint! Our regular contributors also give their very individual stance on what sustainability means to them. Read on… and I’d love to hear from any of you who have other ideas to contribute to the debate.

In this issue we also officially welcome the arrival of two very different and interesting new businesses to our neighbourhood.

  •  It was a pleasure to meet the creative brothers who have set up Printed Goods, studio and shop space in the former Totterdown Centre. An amazing light-filled space with all sorts of beautifully crafted objects as well as the printed goods – tshirts, homewares, posters etc – from which the enterprise takes its name. George and Raphael Greaves are very welcoming, and keen to explore opportunities to work with other creatives on events, so do call in to see them.
  • Bristol Upholstery Collective is an explosion of creative sumptuousness. I could have sat on the teal velvet sofa for hours wondering at the marvellous collection of gorgeously handcrafted furniture. This is serious upholstery and craftsmanship but run with a very open and supportive hand by Leigh-Anne Treadwell, a very talented artist herself. BUC will offer Diploma and leisure courses – including an in-depth course on how to give your camper van an overhaul!

A quick reminder that Spring really is on its way, and we welcome volunteers to get involved with Totterdown Tree Audit. Find out more about progress to date and contact Anne Silber if you would like to get involved:

Thanks again to all our volunteer deliverers who get the newsletter out there to you!

Editor, Talk of Totterdown

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