Tell Bristol City Council about your road safety concerns

Bristol City Council is asking residents to report concerns they have about road safety.

What types of road safety concerns you can tell them about and how to do it

You can tell us if you have any concerns about how safe a road is for pedestrians, cyclists, or drivers, for example if you think:

  • parked cars are causing a problem, for example if cars park too close to a junction and make it hard to see oncoming traffic
  • drivers regularly speed through a particular area or on a specific road
  • a road is hard for pedestrians to cross safely, for example if there are no zebra crossings, pedestrian islands, or dropped kerbs along pavements
  • too many drivers are cutting through residential areas to avoid traffic, instead of using main roads, known as rat-running
  • there are no suitable facilities for cyclists, for example cycle lanes or cycle parking

Tell Bristol City Council about a road safety concern

Tell us about a road safety concern

If you want to ask us to add a specific traffic calming measure to a road, for example speed bumps, use the ask for a change to a road form.

Ask for a change to a road