The Bristol #WasteNothing Challenge

For 2019 Bristol Waste is challenging people to throw packaging out of their lives and go zero waste – and we are looking for recruits.

We want 50 enthusiastic households to challenge themselves over a year to drive down the waste they produce, with the aim of getting to zero.

This is a big ask, so we won’t be expecting residents to go it alone. We have a range of project partners who will be supporting our households on their mission and there will be lots of guidance and advice available through forums and workshops.

Up for the challenge?

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What does the challenge entail?

  • All participants are encouraged to make changes, big and small, to their lifestyle to help reduce the amount of waste they produce
  • To keep a record of their progress, households must weigh the waste and recycling they produce and log the weights on an online form after every collection
  • Households will be encouraged to use a composter or wormery for the food waste they generate (don’t worry, we’ll supply a wormery to all challenge households who need one), or if the household does not have room for either, they should weigh their food waste

What do households get from signing-up?

  • A #WasteNothing ‘starter-kit’ including a wormery and some basic tools to help them to start adopting zero-waste solutions as well as a scale and netted bag to weigh waste and recycling
  • Exclusive access to discounts and vouchers from our exciting group of Bristol-based partners to help reduce your waste when you shop, cook, study, work and play
  • 12 months of workshops, tutorials, 1:1 support, talks and new sustainable experiences with inspiring zero-waste heroes
  • An online community forum for participants, partners and Bristol Waste where everyone can share experiences, advice, obstacles and encouragement

Want to give the Bristol #WasteNothing Challenge a go?

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