We try to keep aware of recent planning applications for the area and list some of them here.  If you are concerned about a planning application or spot one we may have missed let TRESA know so we can inform the Totterdown community.

Planning application details can be accessed via Bristol City Council’s Planning Search page. 

TRESA objects to TQEC Reserved Matters application. Have your say…

25th July 2019
University of Bristol, Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus – Reserved Matters Application TRESA has today registered an objection to this planning application. Reference 19/02952/M Address Land Next To River Cattle Market Road Bristol Proposal Application for the approval of reserved matters for 953 bed student accommodation (Sui Generis) scheme, ground floor active uses (A1, A3, A4, A5, D1, D2 uses) and associated works pursuant to conditions 1 and 3 of outline permission 17/06459/P being details of layout, scale, appearance and landscape TRESA object to the development. We feel that the three proposed 12, 16 and 21 storey tower blocks do not demonstrate ‘design excellence’ in line with Part 3 of the Urban Living SPD adopted by Bristol City Council. We agree with Bristol Civic Society’s comments that: - the proposed buildings are anonymous and indistinguishable from many of Bristol's speculative office blocks - only the buildings' height makes them 'memorable landmarks' - these 'anywhere' commercial structures do not indicate that they are part of an exciting future campus. The Temple Island buildings lack recognisable character or distinction -  the creation of high quality buildings and places is fundamental to what the planning and development process should achieve -  good design is…

Plans for Tower block by Totterdown Bridge

23rd April 2019
Hadley group are London based property developers who want to build a 17 storey tower block on Bath Road next to Totterdown Bridge.  Their original plans received over one hundred objections and has now been resubmitted following minor changes to the plan including changing number of units from 160 to 152. TRESA still objects to this application as it is too tall, too ugly, and too dense.  The area was originally planned to be suitable for 40 units, up to four storeys high.  This proposed development far exceeds this.  The city spatial plan also suggests a density of 120 units per hectare for this area, yet this proposed development would have 304 p/ha.  2.5 times more than the suggested maximum. The proposal also has significant impacts on the wildlife for this important green corridor of the River Avon.  This is a chance to have a sustainable development that preserves our natural environment rather than concreting over it. We strongly suggest Totterdown residents comment on this plan and share any objections.

Application for floating pontoon across Totterdown Basin

26th March 2019
A planning application has been submitted to install a floating pontoon, pathway that would connect Cattle Market Road through to Temple Quay. This could be a  great benefit for Totterdown residents who want to access the city centre.  We would be able to walk along the river trail to Totterdown Basin, then use the new floating path (which would skirt the new university campus) before joining the existing river path all the way to the centre.  Most of this would be car free, quieter, and cleaner. TRESA supports this proposal and has submitted the following comment.  We encourage other local residents to also support this plan.: TRESA (Totterdown Residents Environmental & Social Action) community interest company supports the principle of a floating pontoon walkway. We believe this will contribute to a very beneficial walking route from Totterdown through to the city centre, and will support the One City Plan objectives for increased walking and cycling and improved air quality. We have concerns over the possible impact on this important wildlife corridor. The Bat survey within the planning documents was written in 2013 and the otter survey in 2014. Much could have changed in the meantime so we seek reassurance that…

TRESA objection to 15 storey Tower for Totterdown Bridge

29th September 2018
Hadley Property Group purchased the empty plot next to Totterdown Bridge (The old Esso garage/car wash).  They then suggested a 12 storey tower (above road level), and despite objections the plans have become worse with the tower growing to 14 storeys, and now 15 storey above road level.  Additional blocks 6 - 8 storeys are also included along the Bath Road (From the bridge towards the Paintworks).   Plans, application and commentary available here. This site is currently very ugly and needs development but TRESA does not support any development at any cost.  Whilst many aspects of this application are good, the sheer size and height are excessive.  Previous zoning and planning for the area suggested development of 2-4 storeys.  We would even accept up to 6 storey, but 15 is too much. Below is the objection that TRESA has submitted to the council.  We encourage others to review the plans and comment.  Feel free to reuse any of our points. Objection to Hadley Group planning application 18/04620/F The Totterdown residents association (TRESA) wish to object to the application submitted by Hadley Group for 160 units along Bath Road, Totterdown (Ref: 18/04620/F). Whilst there are many elements of this application we…


22nd August 2018
Agent of Change is here… Many thanks to Dave McDonald, landlord of The Thunderbolt, for providing us with this important planning update. Agent of Change entered into UK planning advice in the National Planning Policy Framework on 24 July. The relevant guidance features at paragraph 182, which reads:  1 Planning policies and decisions should ensure that new development can be integrated effectively with existing businesses and community facilities (such as places of worship, pubs, music venues and sports clubs). Existing businesses and facilities should not have unreasonable restrictions placed on them as a result of development permitted after they were established. Where the operation of an existing business or community facility could have a significant adverse effect on new development (including changes of use) in its vicinity, the applicant (or ‘agent of change’) should be required to provide suitable mitigation before the development has been completed. What this means: England If you are a music venue in England threatened by development, the responsibility to protect you from negative outcomes, whether they are to your licence, trading hours, normal operation, future noise complaints now falls to the developer. This protection is in place now for any planning application that has not…

TED talk on good urban design

19th July 2018
In light of the recent planning applications for taller building, this TED talk provides an interesting way to think of architecture and urban development.

TRESA response to HMO consultation

20th February 2018
TRESAcic ℅ Hillcrest Primary School Cemetery Road Totterdown BS4 3DE Monday 19th February 2018 RE: Response to BCC proposal for Article 4 coverage over Totterdown Dear Sir/Madam, The Totterdown residents association (TRESA) wish to support to the proposals for applying an Article 4 order over Totterdown. (more…)

Consultation: additional licensing for houses of multiple occupation

19th February 2018
Bristol City Council is proposing to introduce an Additional Licensing scheme for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) in the 12 wards that make up central Bristol – Ashley, Bishopston & Ashley Down, Central, Clifton, Clifton Down, Cotham, Easton, Hotwells & Harbourside, Lawrence Hill, Redland, Southville and Windmill Hill – with the aim to improve poor management and poor housing conditions. Totterdown is in Windmill Hill ward and will come under the new licensing scheme. The scheme is important for Totterdown because, with the proposed new University campus at Temple Meads, it is likely that the number of HMOs in our area will increase. The new scheme would apply to all private rented houses or flats that are let to three or more people who aren’t related and who share some facilities, like kitchens or bathrooms. Landlords would need to apply for a licence and meet licensing conditions. Bristol City Council research shows that Houses in Multiple Occupation are most likely to be in poor condition and suffer poor management practices and would benefit from this type of intervention. Where properties are being managed badly and/or in poor condition this can affect the health, safety and wellbeing of tenants and/or neighbours, other residents and members of…

WHaM comments on Pring Street Site

3rd February 2018
Slightly outside of the TRESA area, but the developments at Bedminster green are "on our doorstep" and affects the tone for development in South Bristol.  Residents group "WHaM" have provided feedback on the latest development plans. (more…)

New proposal for land at Goolden Street/Bathwell Road

1st December 2017
A new planning application has been submitted for a housing development on the land at junction of Goolden Street and Bathwell Road, Totterdown. The application is for the construction of a residential development of seven residential units. Details can be found online at: The design and access statement is here: 17_06260_F-DESIGN_AND_ACCESS_STATEMENT-1742331 TRESA has objected to previous poor designs for this site and will be scrutinising the application - look out for future updates on this topic!

Albert Road waste site working longer hours

27th September 2017
Bristol Waste have submitted a planning application to extend their working hours of operation.  This includes baleing waste, smashing glass, and other noisy operations. See application here: TRESA have been in contact with Bristol Waste and objected to their application and suggested alternatives that we feel would cover their need without subjecting local residents to more noise and discomfort.  They claim to have occasional gluts of work so wish to extend their working hours.  We believe that occasional gluts should be solved by occasional extensions, rather than blanket increases.  If granted longer working hours, we feel that Bristol Waste will expand to work to fit that time (They are a business seeking to be more profitable and this would remove a constraint).Any increase in hours could also set a precedent for other local waste management sites. We have also pointed out that the Bath Road area is subject to large amount of residential development which would have hundreds of people even closer to the waste site (At Totterdown Bridge this is literally just across the river). We encourage people to object to this application that would create much noise and additional air pollution in the local area.  We know of…

Bathwell/Goolden development withdrawn

25th September 2017
The planning application by Crossman homes for the plot at Bathwell Road / Goolden Street has been withdrawn (ref: 16/05428/F) TRESA has been actively opposing the proposed development on a number of grounds and this is the third application to have been submitted - each one receiving large amounts of objections since they never tackled the main issues of being over-sized, non-complementary designs, and was not set back from the road side. We await further news on the future of the site as we would like to see it developed with something that complements the surroundings.  For example more two storey housing with gabled roofs.

Report on over development of Bath Road

20th August 2017
TRESA has been working with members of Arnos vale Residents Association (AVRA)  as we have become concerned about the large amount of development being planned along Bath Road that we feel is being considered in a piecemeal fashion rather than considering the collective impact.  We believe that a masterplan or collective planning approach for the area is required along with a single point of contact for the development. (more…)

Response to Hadley Group designs for Totterdown Bridge

30th July 2017
Below is the response sent to Hadley Property groups regarding its recent designs for the former Esso site on Bath Road, next to Totterdown Bridge. RE: Response to Hadley Group public exhibition on proposed development at Totterdown Bridge Dear Sir/Madam, Hadley Group invited TRESA to a public exhibition of their designs for the vacant plot next to Totterdown Bridge.  Four TRESA Directors attended the event and discussed the designs with the representatives for Hadley.  Following the event and a group discussion we are able to feedback our thoughts.   Ultimately we are disappointed with the design.  We feel the scale is completely inappropriate and the design unpleasant to view.   There are elements of the design structure and space use that we appreciated, but we feel we can not support the development as it stands and if it were submitted “as-is” we would be urging the planning department to reject this application.   Size and Mass The tower building is simply too tall. It is imposing and domineering over the site and immediate neighbours.  It’s singular height  against the backdrop of the historic and distinctive Totterdown will create a jarring element to the scene. During the initial consultation it was…

Objections to development at Stanley Hill

30th July 2017
Crossman homes have submitted another application for developing land at the corner of Stanley Hill, Bathwell Road, and Goolden Street.  The application can be viewed here: Here is TRESA's response produced by director Linn Waite who lives locally to the site. We strongly object to the application submitted by Crossman Homes. For a block of flats on Bathwell Road, Totterdown. Ref 16/05428/F We would also like to object to the developers handling of this whole application process covering 3 previous inadequate applications since 2015.  The applications have been sub-standard, full of mistakes and lacking in detail and clarity. This latest iteration fails to address the main points made by the many residents who commented and the comments and recommendations of the design committee. Their behaviour has shown little regards for the neighbourhood they are planning to develop within and disrespect for local residents and the planning process. As such they are wasting time and resources for both the planning department and local residents. We strongly advise that this application is refused and that any future application by this company is viewed in the light of their track record. Our objections to this application still apply for much of the…

Bristol Civic Society visit TRESA

19th May 2017
At the latest TRESA meeting on Wednesday 17th May, we were pleased to have John Payne from Bristol Civic Society as our guest speaker. John told us about the Civic Society, what it is and how it operates.  We then looked at various examples of good design and some of the larger projects occurring around Bristol. We also spent some time looking at the Development Planning policies of the national and local government so that people could understand some of the decisions that are taken, and also how to work within these systems and comment effectively.  As an organisation concerned about Totterdown, we sometimes need to comment of inappropriate developments and want to ensure we do this effectively. (more…)

Redcliffe Wharf development plans

12th May 2017
Plans have been submitted for a £30m mixed-use development at the Redcliff Wharf waterfront site.  The scheme, submitted by urban regeneration specialist Complex Development Projects (CDP), includes a sustainable 40,000 sq ft office building for Arup. There will also be a mix of workshops, residential units, waterside cafes with outside terraces overlooking the harbour, and  12 new secure pontoon berths. The design incorporates some original Harbourside features and buildings which will be renovated as workshops.   The new Redcliff Wharf development will be connected to Redcliffe Hill by a footpath through the Quaker Gardens. Public access will contribute to a continuous pedestrian walkway around the harbourside, incorporating public art works by Alistair Mackie, and an open area for public events. Work is expected to start early 2018 with the aim of the site being fully functional by late 2019. The £30m investment is anticipated to create an additional 200 full and part-time jobs.

TRESA response to Hadley Group development

10th April 2017
TRESA attended an exhibition hosted by Hadley Group who were showcasing some early ideas for the development site on Bath Road at Totterdown Bridge.  Here is a copy of TRESA's  written response outlining some of our thoughts about the proposals. (more…)

48 diesel generators next to local nursery school

4th April 2017
London based hedge fund, Plutus Energy Ltd is appealing to the Planning Inspectorate to overturn Bristol Council’s rejection of their plan to put 48 large Diesel Generators 200 meters from St Philips Marsh Nursery School. Each engine is at least twice the size of a bus engine – imagine 96 buses revving up outside a nursery school! RADE [Residents Against Dirty Energy] are reviewing the evidence supplied by Plutus; mobilising the Citizens of Bristol; and have offerd to work closely with the Council in preparing evidence for the Planning Appeal. Local Resident, and RADE member, Becky Whitmore said “At I first thought it was a joke [‘Pollute-Us’]; then I realised this was all about making money – whereas power generation is a serious and important business affecting all our futures – not choking our children. The Council rejected the application because of the damage it would do to our city – but Plutus don’t care – in fact they cannot even be bothered to check where people live on the local streets!” [Becky and her neighbours live on a nearby street that Plutus failed to identify in their submission to the Planning Inspector] About RADE – A voluntary group of…

Tower Block by Totterdown Bridge

24th March 2017
Developers "Hadley Property Group" are looking at developing the site next to Totterdown Bridge (The Esso garage / hand car wash).  They propose a 12 storey tower and three other 7-8 storey blocks. This includes 145 apartments and 70 parking spaces. They are holding a public exhibition of plans on Wednesday 29th March from 3pm until 7pm at Paintworks, Bath Road.  We encourage people to go along and find out more. They have submitted at application to Bristol City Council regarding screening options for Environmental Impact Assessment.  This document provides more details on the proposed plan and can be found here.

Objections to 9 Flats Proposed on Corner of Bathwell Rd/Goolden St

22nd January 2017
The area on the corner of Goolden Street and Bathwell Road is going to be redeveloped.  The developers have proposed that 9 flats (intended for up to 34 people) will be built to look like 7 houses. Whilst it’s great to see development of this land, the development will: Be three storeys high - and will feel a lot higher to those living on the downhill side (Stanley Hill, Summer Hill and Goolden Street); Be built right up to the pavement with no front garden area (so won’t look like local houses and consequently will feel imposing); and the new residents of these flats will face significant safety concerns from vehicles on a daily basis. Block out the view of the church for many residents, impacting the character of the area and a view visible across the city; and will Only have space for 2 bikes per flat and will have no car-parking spaces. The houses will also reduce current on-street parking availability. By cramming in as many residents as possible have an impact on local services (roads, amenities and doctors etc.) yet the services have received no extra funding, at a time when there are also significant developments occurring…

Bathwell Road Development – Plans with heights

4th January 2017
Following a request by TRESA, Crossman homes have provided copies of their plans with measurements such as building height and width.  Previous plans did not have this so it was tricky to fully appreciate the nature of the proposed buildings. Plan view Front view

TRESA objects to proposed cycle route through Victoria Park

16th December 2016
TRESA supports active travel (both walking and cycling) for environmental and health reasons . It is therefore with regret that the directors of TRESA objected to the proposed cycle route through Victoria Park. Our reasons for objecting are set out in full below. If you would like to know more about the application, or to make a comment, a link to the planning application is here: http://planningonline.bristol. activeTab=documents&keyVal= OHD0KLDNG6G00 The initial community consultation process appears to have been inadequate. Recent discussions with local residents and park users suggest they were either not aware of the proposal, or were not aware of the extent of what is being proposed. The current opposition to the route is an indication that many members of the local community feel their views have not been sought or, when expressed, have not been taken into account. A much more comprehensive and inclusive consultation is required. We note that many of those who are objecting to this proposal are people who cycle. The Cycling Ambition Fund (CAF) team appear reluctant to consider an alternative, less disruptive, route. We understand the need to spend money on improving routes for cyclists but, if there is local support,…

Plans for Bathwell Road/Goolden Street

2nd December 2016
Simon Ellis, of Ellis and Co, who have now come up with revised designs for the Bathwell Road / Goolden Street planning application (9 residential units) have asked to circulate this for public consultation. They are not required to publicly consult on this (as it’s less than 10 units), but they were happy to circulate the latest development plans. If anyone wants to offer feedback, they can email Simon Ellis Plans site ground-floor first-floor second-floor roof elevation-section elevation

Bristol University gets closer to Totterdown!

2nd December 2016
The University of Bristol has plans to develop a new campus in the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone near Temple Meads station. Phase One will include: investment in business education, science and technology; a Digital Innovation Hub; a student residential village, and; expansion of the Engine Shed facilities.

Development of Grosvenor Hotel at Temple Meads

21st November 2016
A planning application has been submitted to bring the Grosvenor Hotel at Temple Meads back in use with the addition of a restaurant, cafe and bar. Previous planning permission for a similar idea was agreed in 2010 but expired before the work was carried out. Development of the 60 bedroom hotel will focus on general repairs and will not include major changes to the building.

Office scheme at Temple Meads

14th October 2016
Outline planning consent has been grated for a ‘landmark’ office building on a derelict site near Temple Meads. The Anvil will provide office space over seven floors with a small park and landscaped roof terraces on its top two floors. London-based property development company Linkcity, expects to apply for detailed planning approval early next year and to complete the scheme in the first half of 2019. The Anvil is intended to incorporate a num ber of sustainability features, including the‘pocket park’, 25-space underground car park with electric charge points and 105 cycle spaces with locker storage and shower and change facilities at basement level.  

More delays to Bristol arena?

7th October 2016
Mayor Marvin Rees has announced the planned opening date for Bristol's arena has been delayed until 2019. In his 'state of the city' speech on 6th October 2016 Mayor Rees said he intended to deliver the arena by 2019, but warned against spiralling costs. The arena development has major implications for Totterdown in terms of the redevelopment of the surrounding area, and transport issues including a possible residents’ parking scheme. However, no further information seems to be available at this time. TRESA has sent an email asking for clarification to Cllr Helen Holland, Cabinet Member for Place ( and to our local councillors Jon Wellington ( and Lucy Whittle (

Temple Quarter Spatial Framework

5th October 2016
TRESA members responded to Bristol City Council’s public consultation on the Temple Quarter Spatial Framework and two companion documents, the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and the Public Realm Guide, earlier this year. The feedback received through this consultation informed the further development of the documents. You can find out more about the changes that have been made to the documents on the Bristol City Council Consultation Hub. The updated documents were considered and approved by Bristol City Council’s Cabinet yesterday (4th October). This means that they will be adopted by the council, and that the Spatial Framework will now be a material consideration for planning applications relating to the Enterprise Zone. You can read the updated documents on the Bristol Temple Quarter website.

Diesel power plant rejected

28th September 2016
Plans to build a diesel power plant 250 metres from a St Philips Marsh nursery have been rejected. Nearly 350 objections were submitted from people in the area, including TRESA. Planning officers had recommended that the plans be accepted, but councillors considered the concerns of local people about air pollution and rejected the recommendation.

Walking route from Three Lamps to Temple Meads

1st July 2016
The route from Three Lamps junction over Bath Road bridge towards Temple Meads is known to be substandard. Bristol Walking Alliance ( is campaigning to improve Bristol's walking environment and is looking for people to write blogs about "much-walked, well-known places where poor conditions spoil the experience of walkers". If you walk this route and would like to write a blog for them please contact: or if you would like to discuss this with TRESA please email:

Trampoline centre to open near Totterdown

13th April 2016
Planning permission has been granted for a trampoline centre in Mead Street, close to Totterdown. Freedog, opened its first trampoline centre in Swindon last summer (see below). The Bristol centre will include a cafe, changing rooms and parking for more than 50 cars. The design and access statement for the proposal is attached below.

Planning permission granted for Bristol arena

6th April 2016
The 12,000-capacity arena at Temple Meads has been given unanimous approval by Bristol City Council's Development Control Committee after revised plans were submitted. These include a shuttle service from Bristol Parkway, more bike spaces and stewards to guide pedestrians. £7.75m of the project's budget has been allocated to fund coach drop-off bays, taxi spaces and increased cycle parking. It will also make use of park-and-ride sites and work with First Group and Great Western Railway to provide additional buses and a shuttle service to the railway station after events. Mayor George Ferguson said: It's a great relief and tremendous that it was a unanimous decision. There's no stopping it's progress to a 2018 opening - after years of talk we are now delivering."