Totterdown Arts Trail

Hello Creative Sprites,

Venture through mythical wonderlands, search for fairy treasure under giant toadstools and feast your eyes on the artistic talents of the residents of Totterdown.

That’s right! We’re back! The Myths and Legends themed Totterdown Arts Trail will be taking over the streets and residences of our favourite Bristol neighbourhood on 18th and 19th November 2017.

Totterdown will be packed with entertainment – from mythical great goblins and a fantastical butterfly stilt walker, all in the most beautifully detailed costumes, to parks covered in fairy toadstools and giant dragons’ nests. 

Mini goblins and witches-in-training will be able to search for fairy shoes and eggs to add to our giant sculptures, partake in a Quidditch tournament and enter a fairy wings competition which will be judged on Sunday at Floriography by Vera Fallacy. We also encourage everyone, especially the little folk, to dress in their best fairytale garb.

We will then begin in a ritualistic force with a lantern parade and fire ceremony to delight old and young alike. The parade will be held near The Totterdown Healing Courtyard (Zone A) the green on the Wells Road. Hillcrest School and Colourful Minds will be holding jam jar lantern workshops so that children can take their own lantern to the parade.

For fully-fledged wizards and silken selkies there’s an Alice in Wonderland cocktail bar, with drinks served in teacups and a cosy seating area for that ‘down the rabbit hole’ experience. We will also hold our very own Bake Off (sadly, neither Mel or Sue have responded to our emails yet..!) for those who want to pit their cakes, fancies and pies against the best bakers in Totterdown.

We would love for you to be part of the Myths and Legends Arts Trail, whether as an artist, a visitor or maybe as a local business or residence willing to have artists in-house for the weekend.

ARTISTS! Sign up now to bag the best venues and to ensure you make it onto our official app!

Note to those looking for a venue: Arnos Vale and the Speilman Centre will not be available as venues this year, but there are plenty of other lovely local businesses and organisations who host artists each year.

Keep Creating and we look forward to seeing your mystical creativity in November.

Gaily and the Awesome FrontRoom Team