Background to Totterdown Sprouting

Totterdown Sprouting was first set up by local residents Hannah Condrey and Alexandra Allen.  The aim was to emulate the work of Incredible edible Todmorden, where edible plants are planted within the community.  The aims of the project are:

Reconnect people with food production

Reclaim derelict pieces of land for productive uses

More colourful and verdant local area

Encourage greater biodiversity

The project covers all of Totterdown and has planted various edible plants around the area.  Our key sites include Totterdown Square Beds, Community Orchard, Stanley Hill Planters, and "Zone A".

We are always in need of people to join in.  No real expertise is required, just a willingness to get stuck in and have a chat.  Anyone with planting skills would be greatly appreciated, and we are very ope to suggestions and people leading on new ideas.

Totterdown Square

The brick planters in Totterdown Square are owned by the management company for the Tesco building and square.  TRESA approached them and asked if we could adopt the planters since they were frequently full of litter.  Despite a steady stream of litter we have made good progress.

Nearly a tonne of top soil was added to the beds to make them more fertile.  The bed closest to ATM was planted with edible plants, such as the Cherry tree in the middle, strawberry bushes, potatoes, carrots, chard and other leafy greens.  The other bed, outside the Chinese restaurant, has been planted with herbs such as rosemary, thyme, lavender, and a bay tree in the centre.

There is now a regular gardening club dedicated to these beds.  The club meets outside at 11:45am on the 2nd Monday of the month outside Tesco.

The Orchard

Location map of Community Orchard
Location of Community Orchard

A key focal points for the project is the community orchard located at the bottom of Park Street. This is because the site has lots of different species to be managed throughout the year and it has great potential.

Park Street had terraced houses on either side of the road until 1960's when one side was cleared.  Many of the plots remained abandoned for many years and had become overgrown and were just destinations for fly tippers!  Local residents started the work over 10 years ago clearing the rubbish and trying to keep it looking respectable.  Over that time, some fruit trees has been planted along with berry bushes.

In 2011, the council tried to sell the site for development.  Local residents were objected because  the land did not belong to the council, so was not their's to sell.  After a battle with local government bureaucracy, it was agreed that the council did not own the site so could not sell it, and it was agreed to lease the site to TRESA for a community orchard.

Future plans

Totterdown Sprouting is guided by the team interests, so if you have an idea, then let us know.

Most areas require ongoing maintenance, such as weeding, clearing rubbish, pruning, new planting.  This will continue for all current sites.

We have plans in place for the orchard, including adding more trees,  hand rails for steps, aerator for the pond, and a storage shed for tools.