2018-02-17 – Meeting Minutes

TRESA Directors meeting, 7.30pm 21st February 2018, The Shakespeare

1 – Opening

a. Apologies
Present: CJ, AS, NW, RM, SA, GA.
Apologies: SH, LW, AM, JB

b. Previous minutes
Previous minutes approved.


2. Directors reports (3 mins each)

a. Treasurer (inc Breakdown Table)
Bank balance : £13,292.70

b. Company secretary
Accounts have been submitted.

c. Membership secretary
96 paid up members. Membership system working well. Data protection: have reviewed information held and now only emails and addresses held with secure access only for permitted directors.

d. Web Editor
Site all running well – Over the past 30 days the site has had 382 users

e.Talk of Totterdown / eToT
hot off the press! Out now for delivery. SA queried if we might be able to include a questionnaire in next issue. CJ will get costs from Doveton for A4 d/s insert.


3. Projects

a. Totterdown Sprouting
All working well, Gardening Club continues Mondays. Planters all tidy. Orchard – well maintained and planning some sort of activity for Earth Day on Sun 22 April, probably focusing on “say no to plastic”. Wooden planters could do with refurb/replacement – those on last legs have gone to community space!

b. Angers Rd/ Stanley Hill
LW is chasing the council to respond, and let us know who the new officer on this case is after James Dowling moved on, it is slow and frustrating but will keep on it.

c. Zone A
Trees – still seeking suitable contractor/fabricator for the installation.

d. Zone N
Directors need update from SH regarding project and in particular any funding deadline. It may be that we need to submit a plan to ensure funding is ringfenced.

e. Multicultural Totterdown
SA sent round forms re poss submissions. All directors to follow up – no deadline.


4. Planning

a. Stanley Hill
The architects and construction company meet on site a week or so ago. They plan to start in March possibly towards the end of the month. There will be a neighbour letter circulated by them ahead of this. They estimate the construction period will last 56 weeks. There will be some times when the road will be closed.

b. Bristol Waste
TRESA put in an objection to their blanket request for extended operating hours on all Saturdays. Their rationale on the invited visit to the site I attended was to deal with occasional bottlenecks.

c.Bath Road Updates
SH attended a meeting with Nicola Beech (Council cabinet lead for planning) to talk about overdevelopment along Bath Road. She told us that WECA have designated Bath Road as a priority area so will be spending oodles of money over the next few years.
A key element is the development of the Callington Road (Converting the derelict track bed to a road+cycle path). This then directs traffic away from the city centre and onto the causeway. They then hope to add a metro bus route along the Bath Road – probably with 100% bus lane for a long section to ensure reliability. They also suggested elements of Bath Road could be access only rather than through road.
The WECA cash also covers new cycle and walking routes including the St Phillips greenway. SH asked if this would be a long term project and they said the money would need to be committed within 3 years so all development is likely within 5-6 years (Which seems rapid in council timescales).
SH said TRESA will keep an eye on all plans and will help advertise the consultation when it starts. SH believes BCC are currently waiting to receive some funding from central government to start it all off. Incidentally, this includes the relocation of the Brislington P&R and the site will be developed with more housing.


  • Some concerns regarding possible development on current Brislington P&R site – where would this then move to?
  • University – moving forward and likely next involvement will be on reserved matters applications. Issues remain regarding concerns on height of buildings (for student accommodation/issues of isolation etc)
  • HMSOs and potential Article 4 licensing change to be introduced by BCC. Directors to consider voting in favour.
  • RPZ/parking – may undertake survey of residents to see what general view is. Last time equally split yes/no/undecided. Would be online and in TOT as hard copy.


5. AOB

a. Totterdown Centre
Still some confusion regarding the situation. Auction is 27 Feb so some clarity after that. Key issue is the state of 138, and it was suggested directors email BCC Building Control re unsafe state of the building, particularly large glass windows.

b. Policies
Review of TRESA policies is ongoing.  SH has drafted a data protection plan.

c. Air Quality
Discussion on action. Unanimous decision by TRESA directors to purchase necessary measuring devices to enable us to fully report the state of the problem in Totterdown. Suggested hot spots for installation might include bus stops by Three Lamps junction, Holy Nativity Church/School Road, Totterdown Canteen/Totterdown Centre. Possible funding for equipment from Totterdown Energy. GA to discuss and take project forward with SH. GA to talk to Hillcrest School re possible involvement/school project.

d. Street Party
to celebrate Midsummer Day and Jo Cox/TRESA garden festival. A joint event suggested on Sun 24 June with CJ (Floriography and other businesses/acts), AS (sprouting activities/get growing) RM (road closure/kids activities) taking ideas forward

e. Tesco extended opening hours
have put in application to extend licensing hours. Given current issues with ASB around Totterdown Sq suggest Directors write to oppose.

f. Ward representation.
SA attending a meeting on 28/2 regarding the way forward and if we look to ‘partner’ with Windmill Hill or Bath Road/Brislington. Will also discuss how we can best engage with local PCSO/police.


6. Close

a. Next Meeting
Public meeting Weds 21 March, Totterdown Canteen.
Guest speaker: Pat Smith, Action for Balanced Communities.

b. Close meeting
Meeting closed at 21:30