TRESA objects to illuminated advertising signs on Bath Road, Totterdown

19/04821/A | Removal of the 3no. existing hoarding advertisement signs & installation of 2no. illuminated digital advertisements| Plot Of Land 164-188 Bath Rd Totterdown.

TRESA has objected to the application on the following grounds:

The applicants indicate: “The sites surroundings hold a primarily industrial characteristic”. However, the site is just below the residential area of Totterdown, between two residential terraces on Bath Road, and opposite a site that has just gained planning permission for a large residential development. We believe this is a residential area, and there is potential for light pollution and nuisance as a result of this application.

The applicants state: “The site does not lie within a Conservation Area nor is adjacent to a Listed Building.” However, the site is just along from The Thunderbolt public house which is a listed building. Furthermore, the site is right next to Thunderbolt Steps which are of considerable local
value. We believe that any planning permissions in the proposed area should enhance, rather than
detract from, these local assets.

The applicants also state the proposed displays will not be detrimental to highway safety. However, the illuminated advertisements will be: at a site on a very busy road where there are bus stops either side of the road (and people are tempted to cross the road where there is no crossing); very close to a side junction with Bath Road, and; on the approach to a busy junction with Totterdown Bridge.

Details of the application are here:

And here: