TRESA Organisation

TRESA (Totterdown Residents Environmental & Social Action) was formed in November 2005 by a small group of Totterdown residents keen to bring together local people for the benefit of the environment we live in and the things we do in it. In May 2008, TRESA became a Community Interest Company. 

TRESAcic works by enabling local residents to be active members of the community. TRESA can offer publicity for an event or campaign both on its website and through the quarterly newsletter "Talk of Totterdown"; by bringing people together it helps to share experience and knowledge; and by presenting a collective voice it gives added weight to local opinion. See here for details on how we can help you with your own ideas.

The members elect 10 directors on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting. There are five posts specified in the Memorandum of Association:

Simon Hobeck


The chair oversees running of the organisation, chairs the meetings and rules on points of order.

Carolyn Jones

Vice Chair & Newsletter Editor

The vice-chair shadows the Chair's activity stepping into that role in the Chair's absence.

Geoff Allan

Company Secretary

The Secretary has the job of keeping the records of the organisation, including the notes of meetings.

Geoff Allan


Looks after the organisation's finances and ensures good practice in financial accountability.

Anne Silber

Member Secretary

Gets new members on board, welcomes them and takes their dues.
Anne also leads on "Totterdown Sprouting"

In addition, there are further 'ordinary' directors who monitor planning and/or other issues. Occasionally sub-groups will be formed within the organisation to run specific events or activities. These are open to any member to run or support.

Rebecca Mear

Lead on:
Stanley Hill
Big Lunch

Suzanne Audrey

Lead on:
"Multicultural Totterdown"
Zone A

Photo of Linn Waite

Linn Waite

Lead on:
Zone N
Community Space

John Bowen

Andy McElwee

Nick Walters