TRESA response to HMO consultation

℅ Hillcrest Primary School
Cemetery Road

Monday 19th February 2018

RE: Response to BCC proposal for Article 4 coverage over Totterdown

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Totterdown residents association (TRESA) wish to support to the proposals for applying an Article 4 order over Totterdown.

Bristol University are planning to develop a large campus in the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone (BTQEZ).  Totterdown is the nearest residential area to the new university campus, so TRESA welcomes the possible opportunities but consider it likely that students will look to this area for accommodation and we will suffer the negative impacts of “studentification”. TRESA are working with “Action for Balanced Communities” (ABC) to understand the impacts of large student populations and how negative impacts can be mitigated.

TRESA have been informed of a proposal by Bristol City Council to implement an Article 4 order over an area including Totterdown.  We welcome this proposal and are pleased the council recognises the detrimental impacts that could follow the university development.  We understand the Article 4 order will not be a panacea and we expect the council to continue working with TRESA and other groups to monitor issues and address where possible.  Information provided by ABC suggests that many HMOs are unregistered so would bypass the restrictions.  We expect the council to fairly respect the spirit of the regulations to safefguard our area and ensure appropriate enforcement.  

In summary, we support this application and appreciate the councils regard for possible detrimental impacts.  We look forward to working with the council on other measures to tackle negative effects from the university development, such as parking controls, controls on suitable businesses, and better integrations between Totterdown and the Enterprise Zone


Yours faithfully,

Simon Hobeck
Chair of TRESA