Update on Victoria Park Lodge

Victoria Park Action Group (VPAG) was in partnership with Windmill Hill City Farm to get the lodge back into use as a green learning centre with cafe and toilets. The plan was to have the ground floor as green learning/community space/kiosk cafe and the upstairs as rented offices to make the building pay it’s way. Bristol City Council had been supportive of this plan, but a new funding proposal has changed the situation.
As part of the Bedminster Green development, the Society of City Farms (SCF) need to relocate their head office. The SCF have agreed to move provided they are moved to an appropriate location. This is now planned to be the lodge. These are a the main features of the proposal:
1. The Bedminster Green Developers will pay for:
         The development of the lodge for use by the SCF.
         A new building containing park toilets and kiosk style cafe, and park keeper welfare space.
2. The new toilet/kiosk building will most likely be located on the grass between the bowling club and the lodge meaning one of the table tennis tables will be re-located next to the other one.
3. The SCF will take use of the whole of the lodge, but it will be designed in such a way that half of the ground floor will be externally accessible and separate from the main SCF offices. This space is intended for community bookable use. e.g. meetings, presentations and possibly small performance space. Full details are yet to be decided. SCF will manage the bookings and prices for this space.
With this plan, the City Farm are no-longer interested involved with the project as it would mean just running the cafe and this does not fit their remit. Therefore the main interested parties are now the council, SCF and VPAG. The Council are not considering any other proposal at present.
Provisional plans for the development cannot be shared until the working group has given feedback. Once this has happened in mid October (and any revisions made), the plans will go out for a wider consultation .