Update re. Bus Lane on Wells Road

The consultation for the  Better Bus Area Fund proposals for Wells Road closed on 6th October 2017. TRESA objected to a section of the 24-hour bus lane in front of The Gents and Totterdown Canteen. The Sustainable Transport Team at Bristol City Council have indicated that all comments received will be used to assist the design process and ensure that they produce “the best possible scheme for all users of Wells Road”.

A short document will be produced in November 2017 outlining the results of the consultation and will be sent to all respondents as well as being published on the Bristol City Council website www.bristol.gov.uk/consultation

They are aiming to advertise draft Traffic Regulation Orders in spring 2018 as part of the statutory process.  If you have concerns about the advertised draft Orders, you can make a representation as indicated on the statutory advertisements at that stage.  More details will be published here at www.bristol.gov.uk/streets-travel/traffic-regulation-orders-tros