Urban buzz and Buglife at Victoria Park

Hello friends of Victoria Park  

We have some good news on the wildlife front and some interesting things coming up that you may like to be involved with, both with us and Buglife whom we are teaming up with this year. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Urban Buzz

Have you ever fancied discovering more about our precious and rarer butterflies, hoverflies and other pollinators?

People who volunteer some time to help Buglife’s Urban Buzz project in Bristol are invited to free training days where they will find out about the charity’s interesting wildlife recovery projects. Locally, there is a focus on the small blue, grizzled and dingy skipper butterflies, hoverflies, efforts to save the declining carrot mining bee and other pollinators, and also a workshop later this year all about wild flowers.

These free events are for volunteers in Bristol, where Buglife is transforming 100 sites to boost invertebrate populations. Places are on a first-come, first-served basis for volunteers. 

Or perhaps you have a community space in mind where you could team up with Buglife to be one of the 100 sites? If you’d like to get involved, please contact Buglife’s Hayley Herridge on Hayley.Herridge@buglife.org.uk

Buglife is also working with us in Victoria Park – creating more wild flower meadows

We are organising some more wildflower meadow creation areas in Victoria Park this year, with VPAG teaming up with Buglife and any local volunteers who are interested.

The date is yet to be set, but the aim is to introduce more native wildflowers species into the boggy long grass area that faces Hill Avenue. It is already a long-grass triangle, but a bit poor in species, mainly coarse grasses with bare patches from flooding, and that’s what we want to improve. Native plants of boggy clay that support threatened insects such as butterflies, hoverflies and bees will be introduced. It will fill in the bare patches created by poor drainage, with native wild flower species that can tolerate those conditions. 

It will look different to the mini meadows strips we have created up the top of the park. It should make the boggy area look more interesting to people, and far more interesting to the small creatures that rule the world. The date for this project is yet to be confirmed because we have to coordinate it with the new cycle path construction which has just started, among other things.

Please get in touch with Hayley if you are interested in helping Buglife on any of their habitat creation sites in Bristol, or suggest one, and with me if you’d specifically like to help us with creating the new wild flower area in Victoria Park. 

Thanks and wild wishes

Alex (Morss)

Victoria Park Action Group / Wildlife Group